How to shave – top tips for the shaving novice

At The Bluebeards Revenge, we often find ourselves chatting to men that suffer with thick and stubborn stubble – the type that sprouts in a day and leaves a shadow darker than the dead of night. But every man has to start somewhere, so we thought it was about time we shared some industry secrets with those that are new to the shave game!

Use a face scrub:

Before you start to consider shaving creams and razors, you need to make sure the skin is clean. This can often be challenging for youngsters and their pimply faces, but a face scrub will help.

Using a face scrub removes dirt and oil from deep inside the pores, reducing the friction between the face and the razor. For someone that’s new to shaving, this can drastically help to reduce irritation.

Use a shaving cream, not a cheap gel:

Learning to shave is an experience that should leave men feeling relaxed and pampered and is not something that can be achieved with cans of shaving slime. Start as you mean to go on by using a rich and luxurious shaving cream that offers a thicker lather than a gel. This will ultimately better protect the skin from the sharp edge of a razor.

Combine a cream with a shaving brush for an exfoliating treatment that will leave the skin feeling incredible, while also raising the hairs away from the face for an easier shave.

Save money on your razor blades:

Cartridge razors are expensive, so consider learning to use a double-edge safety razor instead. They’re not as scary as they might look and you’ll save a fortune on blades in the long run. They do require a little more respect than a cartridge razor, but master them and the shave you receive is incomparable.

Shave with the grain:

Shaving with the grain means that you follow the natural growth patterns of the hair when shaving with your razor. Failing to do this will likely result in a series of cuts and a case of razor rash that will leave you red-faced and sore for a number of days.

As a shaving newbie, it’s also worth considering avoiding any more than one pass. The skin will slowly build resilience to razor blades, but until that happens it’s likely to be very sensitive – and there’s no shame in that!

Use a post-shave balm to settle the skin:

Using a post-shave balm will help to rehydrate and moisturise the skin, as well as offering a further layer of protection from the elements. Look to use products that include soothing ingredients such as aloe vera.

To make the most of your morning shave, you should use only the best shaving products. Thankfully, we produce them! And you can buy them here.


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