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We’ve got another loud and proud rock band for you this week, hailing straight from the South Wales border and screaming to be heard.

These guys describe themselves as a ‘heavy blues rock’ trio, producing riff-driven blues rock with soul that fuses the grooving sensibilities of Hendrix with the uncompromising heads-down drive of Sabbath and swagger of Zeppelin.

Any band who can pull that lot off have got to be destined for big things..

Firebrand Rock Radio

Firebrand Rock Radio

Similarly to last week’s Inspire guys Superfecta, Crowsaw are currently putting in some hard graft with Skyfire Interactive, a go-getting music PR company headed up by Firebrand Rock Radio genius Rick Palin, and one that is steadily propelling them into the limelight.

On the verge of taking the rock world by storm, we caught up with them to find out a bit more about who these guys really are, and what we can expect from Crowsaw in the not too distant future!

1. Tell us a bit about the band.
Started in ’12 by Rob Lomax, originally as a cover band, Crowsaw soon found their roots changing to Rock/Blues, writing original songs which soon gained them a lot of attention. In October 2013, Crowsaw made it to the final of the Highway to Hell competition and won a place against 19 other bands consequently winning a slot at HRH Blues.

Skyfire Interactive

Skyfire Interactive

2. What are each of your roles in the band?
We are Rob (Batdog) Lomax on guitar and vocals, Mark Pullin on the drums and Glyn Mason on bass. He also does the backround vocals.

3. What do you hope to achieve in 2014?
We have ticked a few boxes already. Getting signed, for one. We are looking to land a support tour with someone suitable, with a profile that will give us the kind of exposure we need.

4. What is the ultimate goal?
The ultimate goal for Crowsaw is to put ourselves in a position where we can live off what we love to do, which is playing our music. From the response we generally get at gigs, this in an achievable goal.

5. What have you got lined up for the rest of the year?
The next big thing is a support gig with Fahran, then a London show with Mitch Laddie

6.What is your biggest achievement to date?
Notably pushing through the initial 800 or so bands in the Highway to Hell competition, getting to the final 20, and then winning one of the 6 slots available. Also, we did support Uli Jon Roth on the welsh leg of his tour last year.

7. How long do you spend writing and rehearsing each week?
We write and rehearse when we can. Rob does most of the writing, then we tend to jam the ideas out into format, and they either work or they don’t. We all spend hours and hours individually, on a weekly basis, to keep up the standard of performance.

8. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
We live in the sticks, so we like walking, drinking booze, generally hanging out – mostly jamming stuff out – not much else to do round here!

9.Describe your personalities in a few words.
Mark: Perfectionist, intense, focused.
Glyn: Vivacious, jovial, solid.
Rob: Focused, determined, passionate.

10.Who inspires you in life?
Things more than people to be honest. It sounds a bit cool, but, the river in flood, a great rainbow, a storm, the crowd at a gig when they are feeling it……yeah….nothing like a crowd that get what you do. It’s like they can see your soul….and they approve.

11. What is your most memorable moment as a band?
That’s a hard one! Probably the day our producer called and said that the album was finished and that we could come and have a listen.listen to the album. Or really, just the buzz of playing together as a unit. Priceless!

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