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It started off as a one-night-only performance in a local Stars in their Eyes competition for nothing more than a laugh, but fifteen months on, enigmatic Slipknot cover band Knotslip are still going strong. With a UK tour in the pipeline and a homecoming gig in November at the venue that launched their career, the nine-piece are going from strength to strength. The metal band pride themselves on their ability to – in their words – “deliver a show like an axe to the head”, and having played to crowds of thousands and been noted by Slipknot themselves, they are ready to tear their way across the UK, making as much noise as possible as they do so.

In boiler suits and unnerving masks, they look the part, and they definitely sound it. Let’s just hope they don’t pull that whole dead crow in a jar stunt.

Knotslip Promotional Shoot.

1.Tell us a bit about the band.
The band was formed as a one off for a local ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ weekend at the foremost live music venue in Plymouth, crowd videos made it online and interest from clubs across the U.K. gave us the opportunity to consider this as a viable project.

2. What are each of your roles in the band?

#0 – Turntables: Samples, scratching and beatloops.
#1 – Drums
#2 – Bass guitar
#3 – Vocals and percussion
#4 – Lead guitar
#5 – Keyboards, samples and effects
#6 – Vocals and percussion
#7 – Lead guitar
#8 – Lead vocals

3. What do you hope to achieve in 2014?
In all honesty 2014 has already brought us many achievements, we have headlined a two day festival at Heaton Park in Manchester and have been picked up by the O2 Group to tour their venues later in the year, any band in their third year would happy with that.

Knotslip Promotional Shoot.

4. What is the ultimate goal?
To be able to make this band a full time career.

5. What have you got lined up for the rest of the year?
Well, this weekend we have just finished our first tour for this year, in October we pack the vans again to tour the U.K. including the aforementioned O2 venues which will be epic!! We also march into Scotland for the first time too this December.

6.What is your biggest achievement to date?
Headlining ‘Festwich’ in front of thousands in July has to be up there but in all honesty getting to where we are with all the support of the fans and venues has to be on equal par.

7. How long do you spend writing and rehearsing each week?
We dedicate an immense amount of time into getting the show to the best of our ability, we have dedicated studio time weekly and out of the studio everyone consistently hones their craft at home.

Knotslip tour dates

Knotslip tour dates

8. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
We are in quite a lucky position, we have nine guys with a very similar sense of humour so on the road it’s kind of like a well behaved stag night with an immense focus given to the music and delivery at the time of the show.

Away from the stage we are lucky to live in one of the most stunning parts of the country so band members can generally be found making the most of this, maybe at the beach, maybe at a festival or generally propping up the bar at the local!

9.Describe your personalities in a few words.
As a band – Ambitious, Creative, Passionate

10.Who inspires you in life?
It goes without saying – Slipknot

11. What is your most memorable moment as a band?
Corey Taylor, number 8, the actual lead singer from Slipknot posing for a photo with a Knotslip t-shirt!!

For more on Knotslip, check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter (@KnotslipUK).

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