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South London hard rockers Superfecta are about as manly as it gets, churning out a steady stream of heavy, gritty tracks with charismatic vocals and truly sublime song composition.
The band, promoted by Skyfire Interactive and supported by Firebrand Rock Radio, are now back in the studio recording their new eleven-track album, Primal Instinct, and will be following up the September launch with a number of live appearances.

We caught up with them for a quick heads-up on what it’s really like to be a member of a rock band verging on real success.

Firebrand Rock Radio

Firebrand Rock Radio

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your musical journey as a band so far.
The current lineup of Andy, Danun, Max, and Junior formed nearly two years ago, Max being the final piece in the jigsaw.. We spent a few months rehearsing up until we started gigging early 2013. Since then, we signed a management deal with Rick Palin and Skyfire Interactive, made a cracking EP, and we are now focusing on the production and release of the debut album “Primal Instinct”.

What do each of you do in the band?
Well, Andy the is the singer and lyricist, Danun the guitar player, Junior the drummer and Max plays bass.

Andy is also an incredible artist. He designed and drew the original EP artwork and he’s now working on some for the new album. You’ll soon have the chance to seed the evolution of his work and it’s more amazing each time he adds to it.

Danun is the guy that takes care of a lot of the day to day stuff for the band, plus the website and social media stuff. He comes up with the signature guitar riffs which then, thanks to everyone’s input, evolve into the Superfecta rock anthems.

Junior, our drummer, brings us the “BANG BOOM”! He also is our Photoshop guy and creates our posters and logos! He’s a damn fine artist too!

Max, the bass player, is the glue that bonds the sound together. He also helps out on backing vocals, as well as working on social media stuff ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ) and he also does various video work for the band. Last year, he crafted a little teaser for the EP, and this year he worked on the Pendulum video. He’s also producing the new promo vid for the first single from the new album.

What do you hope to achieve this year?
This year, we hope the album and music will receive the recognition it deserves, and lead us onto much bigger and better things. We need to get things in place for festivals and support tours, as well as working on new material for the second album. Yes, we’re already thinking about the follow up!

What is the ultimate goal for Superfecta?
The ultimate goal for SUPERFECTA is to take over the world! Simple!

What events of note have you got lined up in your diary for the rest of the year?
The main event will be the launch party for Primal Instinct, sometime mid to late September.
The date and location are still to be confirmed. But be patient, as soon as it’s sorted you’ll know.

What is your biggest achievement as a band to date?
I think it’d be the fact that we still haven’t killed each other! Only kidding.
We’ve been able to put all of our talent and strength into creating Primal Instinct. But there is more to come for sure, and that’s exciting.

How much time do you spend writing and rehearsing?
As a band we always want more time to write and rehearse. We all have a daily job to pay our bills, and they take up a lot of our time, along with our personal lives. But, I would say in general, we’re doing ok.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
We spend time with family & friends, chilling, relaxing, gaming, playing music, shooting videos, playing sport. Max especially likes his Parkour.

Describe your personalities in a few words.
Infuriating, obsessive, argumentative and determined! That’s four. Counting isn’t our strong point!

Who inspires you in life?
Anyone who aspires to be true to themselves. Don’t be a sheep! Life is simply too short!

What is your most memorable moment?
We’ll tell you in a year’s time!

Superfecta are represented by music PR company Skyfire Interactive.

Visit Superfecta’s website for more information on the band, and keep up with @Superfectamusic @FirebrandRR @SkyfirePR on Twitter for the very latest updates.