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Known for his bad-boy film roles, Jason Statham is the embodiment of the typical British ‘bloke’, and with his chiselled jawline and masculine physique it comes as little surprise that he has topped a national poll to determine Britain’s Manliest Celebrity.

Statham, who has starred in popular gangster films such as Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Bank Job and, more recently, Fast and Furious 7, surged ahead of the competition, coming in with a remarkable 25% of the votes.

Hard-man Ray Winstone put up a decent fight for the title with 18%, while Tom Hardy scored a less impressive 10%, placing him in third.

At the other end of the spectrum, current Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg, were deemed to be less than manly, each receiving under 1% of the votes. Sportsmen Mo Farrah, Tom Daley and – surprisingly – Amir Khan didn’t fare much better, again walking away with a pitiful fraction of a percent.

The survey results come as a new hunt to find Britain’s Manliest Man gets underway, and the competition comes with a serious message attached. The campaign, which sees premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge teaming up with male cancer charity Orchid and Men’s Fitness magazine, aims to raise awareness of testicular cancer by encouraging men to ‘Man Up and Check’ for the early signs and symptoms.

Recent research has revealed that 70% of men admit to still not knowing how to examine themselves correctly, while a further 20% have never even thought about it. Manliness isn’t just about lifting weights, or even saving other people’s lives – saving your own is just as important.

The winner of the competition will become the face of The Bluebeards Revenge with a coveted one-year modelling contract, as well as an ambassador for Orchid, with initial entries whittled down to fifty finalists, who will then go on to face an online public vote.

Think you’re man enough?

We’re looking for someone who has got the whole package. Perhaps you’ve got the buff body of Ryan Gosling and the chiselled jawline of George Clooney, or the impeccably styled hair of David Beckham and general manliness of Bear Grylls.

Do you enjoy a daredevil hobby or a courageous career?

Whatever it is that makes you manly, we want to hear from you.


Using the hashtag #ManliestManUK, tweet, Facebook or Instagram us a picture of yourself at your manly best.

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And don’t forget to tag @OrchidCancer and @MensFitnessMag in your entry.


– A lucrative one-year modelling contract as the face of The Bluebeards Revenge
– A role as an ambassador for men’s cancer charity Orchid
– A year’s supply of The Bluebeards Revenge grooming products.

For more information, visit The Bluebeards Revenge’s dedicated Britain’s Manliest Man page.

Britain’s Manliest Celebrities
Jason Statham (24%)
Ray Winstone (18%)
Tom Hardy (10%)
Gerard Butler (8%)
David Beckham (8%)
Idris Elba (7%)
Danny Dyer (5%)
Billy Connelly (5%)
Manu Tuilagi (3%)
Colin Farrell (3%)
Lewis Hamilton (2%)
Prince William (1%)
David Walliams (1%)
Simon Cowell (1%)
Tom Daley (1%)
Amir Khan (less than 1%)
David Cameron (less than 1%)
Jon Richardson (less than 1%)
Mo Farah (less than 1%)
Nick Clegg (less than 1%)
Ross Kemp (less than 1%)