Posted by Melanie Kruger on July 14, 2014 Latest News No Comments

Despite the wealth of women’s beauty products on the market today, there are some things that just don’t quite cut the mustard, and if you’re not careful, she’ll have pilfered some of yours before you know it. We can imagine your outrage – with the money she spends and the variety she has to choose from, compared to the pennies you reluctantly hand over for a small selection of items, it’s little wonder.

But worry not, for we have rounded up the three items she is most likely to pillage – so guard them with your life.

1. Deodorant
They might smell lovely and feminine, but somehow women’s deodorants just don’t last the distance. But rather than reapply throughout the day, she’s more than likely to sneak a spray of yours when you’re not looking, in spite of the strong smell being a dead giveaway. Sure, she’s going to have to walk around smelling like you all day, but make no mistake, she’d choose that over unladylike body odour any day of the week. You know how you get home from work still smelling pleasantly masculine? Well, she’s noticed it too, so be on your guard.

2.Shaving Cream
We’re not just talking about any shaving cream, either. Like it or not, your lady has got her eye on your Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream, and she is prepared to fight you for it. Why? Because not only does it whip up into a pretty impressive and luxurious lather, but it also contains special ingredient Decelerine, to slow down the appearance of regrowth and save her a time-consuming shave or two!
No lady likes having prickly legs any more than you like her to, so it may be in your best interests to share and share alike with this one!

3. Razors
Once again, in their quest to be hair free, wives, fiancees and girlfriends alike are one step ahead of you, and if you don’t wise up you’ll be shaving with an unexpectedly blunt razor before you know it. Men’s razors are designed for thicker, coarser hairs than hers is, and while you may like to believe that she doesn’t suffer from such things, it won’t stop her reaching for yours. Worse still, she’ll put it back as if nothing has happened. The result? A clogged razor, and nicks and cuts galore. Hide your kit away where she can’t find it, or you’ll pay a sorry price. And if you can’t do that, at least make sure to check and change the blade next time you have a shave! Don’t worry though, there is one saving grace. She doesn’t really use it on her face.

You have been warned, men! If you catch her nicking your grooming gear after this then you’ve got no one to blame but yourself, so get hiding it, quick smart.