Posted by Melanie Kruger on April 1, 2016 Grooming Tips, Latest News No Comments

In the year 2016, manscaping is set for big things. Though men have been taking better care of themselves for some years now in terms of shaving, haircare and the like, the sculpting of bodily hair has been relatively slow on the uptake, and while many men now choose to tidy things up ‘down below’, chest hair has remained somewhat neglected. But gone are the days of the ‘all off or all on’ approach, as a brand new trend has sparked an imaginative display of chest hair designs amongst men from all walks of life.

Fancy giving it a try? Then you’re in luck. We’ve put together some of our favourite designs to get you started – so grab a razor and all our Bluebeards shaving products, and groom your way from crowd follower to trend-setter before everyone else catches on.


Batman chest hair design

First up, it’s the Batman design. Never has there been a more timely opportunity to spot a hairy bat on your chest, with the recent release of the latest superhero film still the talk of the town. Go on, you know you’ve always wanted to.

Six pack chest hair

You can even sculpt a six pack with your chest hair

Can’t be bothered to go to the gym? No worries – you can still get that beach body look without so much as a crunch with some strategically placed chest hair. Simply remove all fuzz, leaving only a thin outline of where your sixpack would be, and the hairs will create a shadow effect. The result? A ripped bod, no effort required.

bra chest hair design

The bra design is one for the more avant-garde

If you’re an adventurous guy, then why not try something a bit different? The bra look is bound to set you apart from the crowd – and if the ladies have to cover up their top halves on the beach, then showing some solidarity is bound to go down well. Defiitely one for the hairier chap, as you’ll need some shoulder fluff to create the straps. If you’re hairy on the back too then even better – you can go for the full, realistic look.

Last but not least is the manliest look of all – and it is, of course, the iconic Bluebeards skull and crossbones. If you’re a die-hard fan of the brand and want to pledge your allegiance, then go right ahead – in fact, we have already started receiving photos of some of your valiant effortts via Twitter. Tweet us yours, and the best will win a special Bluebeards prize!