How to style a Mad Men-inspired Slick Back

It was the look that first shot to prominence back in the 1940s, and has rarely been out of favour since. The classic, structured slick-back hairstyle is here to stay, and if you’re after a ‘do that really means business then it might be time to give it a try.

More recently enjoying a return to the spotlight thanks to trend-setting stars like David Beckham and Leonardo Di Caprio, the slick-back is a look that commands the utmost respect, and one man who wears it exceptionally well is Mad Men’s fictional protagonist, Don Draper. Admired and revered by his peers, his sharp suits and clean-cut appearance play an integral part in creating his formidable image – and his impeccably groomed hair is the star of the show.

Mad Men inspired slick back

A great slick-back begins with the haircut itself, which provides a solid foundation for a well-structured style. Hair is clippered tight to the head across the back and sides, tapering down from the longer top section to create a smooth and seamless blend between the lengths. The centerpiece of this look is, of course, a sharp side parting, which is shaved in carefully with the clippers and then a cut-throat razor for added definition.

For the style itself, volume and height is added into the top section using a hairdryer and a round brush. The hair is pulled backwards and to the side, away from the face, and finished with a good-quality, wet-look pomade for a high-shine look that stays in place all day.

We’ve teamed up with Sandyman Chop Shop‘s Luka Chitty to show you exactly how it’s done – all you’ll need is a comb, a round brush, some clippers and a hairdryer, and a good dose of The Bluebeards Revenge’s high-shine Pomade to finish.



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