how to style a men's disconnected undercut hairstyle with the bluebeards revenge

Men’s hairstyle transformation: shoulder-length locks to a disconnected undercut

New Year, new you: How to style a men’s medium-length disconnected undercut hairstyle at home in 2019

The dawn of a New Year comes with a million self-set challenges. All over the world people are desperately trying to cut down on their bad habits: booze, food, spending, and even porn in some cases – for fear of going blind, no doubt!

While many might slate the resolutions born from the ashes of the previous year, we salute them. January offers an extra positive push to all those that need it when making changes. These changes often reflect on a person’s physical appearance too, making a new hairstyle one of the quickest and easiest resolutions to tick off the list.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Barbershop Manager – and Bluebeards Ambassador – Callum Marks to show off one man’s mega transformation for 2019!

It should come as no surprise to hear that many barbers find themselves inundated with new style requests from their regulars in the early weeks of the New Year. “I definitely see an influx of men more willing to switch up their style,” says Marks. “It’s funny; because just weeks before they wouldn’t have dared to consider a change. It’s refreshing too as it often gives me a chance to show them what else is out there for their face shape and personality.”

Of course, the more extreme the change, the better! And that’s where our model’s transformation from shoulder-length locks to a super tight disconnected undercut comes in.

What is a disconnected undercut?

In order to successfully pull off a disconnected undercut, the hair on top of your head will need to be of a decent length. Luckily our long haired model had no problem here!

The length on top of the style is what will ultimately give the disconnected effect, thanks to its heavy contrast with the shorter, faded hair on the back and sides. The final length on top is up to you. Just remember that the longer you leave it, the greater the final effect will be.

men's hairstyle transformation from long hair to short hair

Traditionally, the length is slicked back in a high-shine style to create this look. But there are now several variations for the modern gentleman. The style we’re presenting you with today is very much a classic rendition.

Unlike more naturally-sitting haircuts, a disconnected undercut will require regular visits to your barber to maintain its effects; especially the tight faded back and sides. Failure to do so will result in irregularities more accustom with the shaggy coat of an Old English sheepdog – you’ve been warned!

According to Marks, “the disconnected undercut is a versatile look that can be styled in many ways. The version we have produced is based on the old-school slick backs of the 1900s. These were super slick, super tight, and always very clean in their details.

“To emphasise this, this one’s been finished with a high-shine pomade. But it could just as easily be finished with a matt clay for a messier, more textured vibe that adds volume. This messier take is a great way to achieve a more casual look too. A further option, of course, is to just throw the longer hair on top over to one side to emphasise the undercut.”

finished disconnected undercut hairstyle for men by the bluebeards revenge

How to style a disconnected undercut at home

Now that you know what the cut is, and how to ask your barber for it, it’s to learn how you to recreate the style in the comfort of your own home.

To create the super slick version of this cut shown in our video, follow the simple points below.

• Start with freshly washed, towel-dried hair.

• Take a bottle of our Sea Salt Spray and spritz it into your damp hair, working it through from roots to tips.

• Grabbing a hairdryer and our Vent Brush, blow-dry your hair backwards into the desired shape. The vent brush will help to add a little life and volume, making sure your new style doesn’t fall flat.

• Once you’ve dried your hair into position, apply a liberal amount of our water-based Pomade to give a high-shine finish that washes out easily. If you want a more natural, textured finish, apply our Matt Clay instead.

• Fix the whole look in place with a little hairspray. Callum’s top tip here is to spritz the spray onto a pompadour comb for application – “it gives a more defined finish and allows the hairspray to work its way through your hair, rather than just sitting on top.”

For more expert styling tips, tricks and trends, visit our YouTube channel – BluebeardsTV – and follow @thebluebeards on social media!


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