The new Shaving refill Range

Sustainable Shaving: Our New Range of Shaving Refill Pouches.

Our new Shaving Range Refill Pouches are a revolutionary way to create less waste whilst maintaining the perfect shave!

These eco-friendly 500ml pouches allows you to refill our 150ml Aluminium Tins over three times and our Pre-Shave Oil bottle five times per pouch, reducing the amount of waste packaging we create and saving you money too. The pouch itself is widely recyclable or can be repurposed.

Our signature shaving refill range consists of our iconic Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, Brushless Shaving Solution and Post-Shave Balm, giving you complete control of your sustainable shaving routine. 

Designed for professional barbers and home-shavers alike, these low waste refill pouches can help to reduce the amount of waste consumers create by up to 70%.

New Shaving Refill Pouch Range

How to Refill our 150ml Aluminium Tins

Using our refill pouches really couldn’t be easier! Each pouch can refill one of our reusable aluminium tins just over 3 times. Depending on your hair growth our shaving refills could possibly last you a whole year but with that said if you’re more like Chewbacca it may only last a couple of months!

To Refill: Simply remove pouch cap and gently squeeze contents of our Shaving CreamBrushless Shaving Solution or Post-Shave Balm into one of our refillable aluminium tins. Once you’ve finished, pop the cap back onto your pouch and store it in a cool, dry place for next time.

Top Tip; make sure you gently squeeze the pouch, no one wants shaving cream up the wall!

How to Refill our 100ml Bottles

Plastic consumption has become a major concern for consumers. In fact, a recent survey by YouGov revealed that 46% of Britons feel guilty about their plastic consumption, while 82% are working hard to reduce the amount they throw away. So, here we are upping our game with our 100% recycled plastic bottles with supporting refill pouches. Our 100ml bottles can be filled up to five times, meaning you would be reducing waste by up to 70%.

To Refill: Remove pouch cap and carefully pour contents of our Pre-Shave Oil into one of our refillable 100ml bottles. Replace cap and store in a cool, dry place between refills.

Top Tip; keep an eye on how quickly the bottle is filling up, we don’t want any spillages here!


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