Nine gym bag essentials every man needs

If your motivation for being a fitness fanatic in 2020 is wavering, then we’ve pulled together a bag full of awesomeness that’ll have you running back to the gym in no time! From an antiperspirant that stops sweat in its tracks to booming headphones that’ll push you through that final minute of cardio, here are nine gym bag essentials that every man should be packing.


There’s nothing worse than going hell for leather on the cross trainer and suddenly being hit with a whiff of your own sweaty stench. Fortunately, you can prevent this with our Roll-On Antiperspirant. A few quick rolls of its vegan-friendly formula will help to neutralise body sweat, so you can workout worry free!


If you’re a regular gym-goer, then wearing the worn-out shoes you use to take out the bins simply won’t cut it. Instead, we’d suggest you grab a pair of Nike Metcon 5s – in blue, of course. Made from breathable lightweight fabrics, these perfect all-rounders will help to provide stability and traction no matter what workout you choose. Now you can push yourself to your limits in style!


If you’re fed up of terribly tangled headphones interrupting your set, then it’s time to go wireless. Our favourites are the Powerbeats Pro from Beats by Dre. These immensely powerful headphones have a nine-hour battery life (more than enough for your nine minutes of cardio!) that promises no to quit on you mid-workout.

With zero wires to hold you back and adjustable ear hooks, these sweat and water-resistant powerhouses will change you gym sessions for good. Better yet, their noise-cancelling technology means you can tune out the grunting and primal screams of that guy that’s lifting way too much weight next to you.


Talc isn’t just for babies and barbers; it’s also a great addition to your gym bag. This age-old magic dust is ideal for pre and post-workout pat downs, when keeping fresh should be your top priority. A light sprinkle of our fresh and masculine Talc will help to prevent chafing, stickiness and dreaded sweat rash in all the usual places. A dash on the palms of your hands can also aid grip when you hit the heavyweights!


Whether you’re running off last night’s pizza, or setting new personal bests with the free weights, perspiration is inevitable. And that’s fine – it shows you’ve been busting your ass off! What’s not fine is leaving the bench dripping with sweat because you didn’t pack a gym towel. Our absorbent Hand Towel has you covered, though. Embellished with our iconic skull and crossbones logo and made from 100% cotton, this super soft towel is ideal for mopping down your brow (and the bench!) post-set.


There are two types of gym inhabitants: those that hit the showers, and those that stink. Whether you’re squeezing in a quick HIIT session or grunting over weights for over an hour, always make time for a shower.

When you hit the showers, make sure you’re armed with our Cuban Gold Soap as well. This vegan-friendly soap bar is small enough to be tucked inside your gym bag, but mighty enough to work up a rich lather in no time. With a deep, exotic and woody Caribbean scent, it’ll make light work of sweat and grime.


An absolute essential for the gym is a durable water bottle. What’s even better is a bottle that’s equally as great for the environment too. That’s why we’d recommend this Chilly’s Matte Blue Water Bottle as the perfect reusable gym buddy. It will even keep your drink cold for the entirety of your session thanks to its double-walled vacuum insulation.


They say you can’t out-train a poor diet, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your cravings for sugary treats either. And thanks to the clever crew at Grenade, you don’t have to! They’ve created a range of bars, biscuits and other great gym snacks that are high in protein but low in sugar. Our favourite is their Birthday Cake Carb Killa Protein Bar.


Hats and caps are slowly working their way into the gym as acceptable accessories. Why? Because they’re great at keeping longer hair out of your face, as well as hiding that awkward mid-lift expression you pull! If you’re looking for a gym cap that’s not slapped with a big brand logo, then our Classic Trucker Cap is right up your street. Featuring a vintage mesh back and a bold skull and crossbones patch, it will keep you cool whilst you’re working up a sweat.

And there you have it, nine must-have products to get you gym-ready in no time at all! To explore more great products for your gym bag and beyond, check out our shop today.


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