Overhaul your grooming routine for spring

Spring is in the air, and there’s no better time to either overhaul – or install – your grooming routine. No longer is winter’s excuse for over-grown facial hair a valid one, as with the warmer months looming there is little need for that extra “insulation”.

If you are one of the lazy majority who lets things slide in the winter, then listen up – your skin is probably crying out for some TLC.

Before you can get anywhere near your skin, it’s imperative that you have a good shave, and chances are that if it’s been a while, you’re going to need some help. Choose simple yet effective products that will fit easily into your daily routine, and help you hold onto that clean-shaven, fresh-faced feeling. Believe us, you’ll thank us when the sun comes out – just make sure you don’t leave it too late or you’ll be stuck with a rather embarrassing variety of ‘tan line’.

The Bluebeards Revenge’s Pre-Shave Oil is a good shout for conditioning your beard hair, making for an altogether easier shave, and with products like our Luxury Shaving Cream or Brushless Shaving Solution things are sure to go smoothly. Be sure to have a good, sharp razor on hand to cut through those months of neglect, like the Bluebeard’s Revenge Cut-Throat Razor or “Privateer Collection” Mach 3 Razor , and a soothing product such as our Post-Shave Balm to calm skin once you’ve finished.

A good skincare routine is often carelessly bypassed men, but at this time of year it’s important to get things back on track so that your skin is well prepared for the warmer weather. Put paid to dull complexions by using a good exfoliating product a couple of times a week, as sloughing away all the dead skin cells that have accumulated will make a world of difference Choose a gentle scrub with jojoba or rice beads, or better still, a chemical exfoliant containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Much less frightening than they sound, a generous sweep of an AHA toner a couple of times a week will resurface the skin, leaving you glowing with health and amping up that masculine charm just in time to hit the beach. Be warned, though – AHAs make the skin more sensitive to harmful UV rays, so it’s imperative that you apply a generous layer of a high SPF sun cream before going outside – and avoid using any exfoliants for a week or so before going on holiday.

Skin tends to become oilier as the heat begins to rise, making a clay-based mask your best friend at this time of year. Before you click that ‘x’ in the corner, fearing that none of this is quite manly enough, done in the comfort of your own home with the doors locked and bolted and the curtains closed, nobody needs to know . Hey, you can even put a couple of slices of cucumber on your eyes if you really want to. Seriously though, a good quality clay mask will detox your skin, absorbing any excess oil and preventing pesky breakouts. Well worth your girlfriend laughing at you and offering to paint your toenails. Be sure to work a Cooling Moisturiser into your routine, too – this will be your best friend after shaving or using a mask, replenishing lost moisture and soothing any redness or irritation. The result? Calm, comfortable skin.

When it comes to hair, you’re probably going to want to go for a bit of a trim, as the shorter your hair is, the cooler you’ll be able to keep. Keep things fresh by washing daily with our Concentrated Shampoo and Conditioner, and styling with a light putty. Less is definitely more when it comes to summertime hair styling, as the last thing you want is a greasy, oily looking mop from where your product has melted.

Finally, you’ll want to keep yourself smelling fresh and masculine, so don’t forget to add a powerful deodorant such as our Anti Perspirant Deodorant to your routine (in fact, if you haven’t already then some serious questions need to be asked…), and finish with a generous spritz of The Bluebeards Revenge Eau de Toilette for a modern, masculine scent.


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