Simple solutions for common men’s grooming issues

It’s not easy being a man, and sometimes ensuring that you’re impeccably groomed at all times can prove a great deal more complicated than you would imagine. While women have the luxury of hundreds of blogs, magazines and websites with which to educate themselves on hair and makeup, specialist men’s articles remain thin on the ground by comparison. And though it’s true that these sources of male grooming information are multiplying by the day, it’s often still difficult to know which way to turn for some solid and reliable advice.

In order to do our bit for the good of mankind, we’ve rounded up some of your burning questions and answered them once and for all. Simple, easy to follow advice that will get you the results you want.

1. How do I disguise dark circles?

Prevention is usually better than cure, particularly when you’re a male without the luxury of makeup at your fingertips (women, we’re onto you!). Your best bet is to stay hydrated at all times, and get plenty of sleep. Aim for two litres of water per day, and skip that extra episode of Breaking Bad before bed.
Put paid to puffiness by leaving two teaspoons in the fridge over night and holding gently over your eyes for a few minutes in the morning. Get hold of an eye cream that contains light reflecting particles and dab on to the affected areas to improve the appearance of dark bits.

2. How do I keep a ‘mono-brow’ under control?

This one remains a mystery to the male masses, when in reality it’s as simple as can be. All you need to do is man up, and get yourself a pair of good quality tweezers. With a steady hand, simply pluck each of the hairs that grow between your brows, just above the bridge of your nose. You can use the same technique to tidy around the edges, too – but if you’ve got particularly unruly brows then you might want to see a professional brow technician.

3. How can I prevent ingrowing hairs and razor rash when shaving?

Prepare your skin before you shave, and ensure that you take good care of it afterwards, too.
Real Men exfoliate, so invest in a facial scrub and use it religiously twice a week. A thick layer of dead skin will prevent the hairs from penetrating and growing straight, so neglecting to remove it is asking for trouble.

Apply a pre-shave oil before you pick up the razor, leaving to sit for ten minutes to penetrate and soften the hairs. Doing so will facilitate an easier and smoother shave, preventing hairs from snagging in any drier areas.

4. What is the best way to prevent wrinkles?

Pretend you’re OK with growing old gracefully all you like, but premature aging is everyone’s worst enemy, and blokes often suffer the brunt of it due to their reluctance to adhere to a good skincare routine. Whatever you think about lotions and potions, moisturiser is an absolute must, as dry skin is prone to the early signs of aging. Time to Man Up and Moisturise, gents – start now, and your sixty-year-old self will thank you later. But moisture alone is not going to cut it. If you’re a smoker, then stop – it’s not big, it’s not clever, and it certainly won’t score you any points with the object of your desire. If you’re a sugar fiend, think seriously about cutting right back, and replacing with alternatives where you can’t go without. A high sugar diet can result in the weakening of the skin’s collagen – an essential for keeping things taut and toned. Eat too much, and you can expect sagging a-plenty.

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