Five reasons to enjoy your daily wet shave

According to a recent survey, only 3% of men enjoy their morning shave, and we can’t help feeling that the remainder may be missing something.

If you are one of them, then get yourself over to our Shaving Tips page, where you can Learn to shave properly! Not only do we tell you how to Choose the Right Razor, but we also share some vital Pre and Post-Shave Tips that will make the experience a whole lot more pleasurable, helping you to avoid the nasty nicks, cuts, lumps and bumps that often go hand in hand with wielding the razor.

And if you’re still not convinced after wading your way through all of that, then quite frankly, you’ve obviously never tried The Bluebeards Revenge’s range of shaving products.

Shame on you.

Now, get yourself some decent kit, and educate yourself on these FIVE excellent reasons to enjoy your daily shave.

1. Look younger.

It’s a known fact that a good, close shave takes years off your appearance, and with the average clean-shaven man being estimated at 4-5 years younger than his facial forested counterpart, it’s well worth the effort. So ditch the designer stubble, and get smooth.

2. Reduce Acne.

Done carefully, and with the right products to hand, a daily wet shave can actually help to diminish this inconvenient skin issue somewhat. The Bluebeards Revenge’s range of products contain Decelerine, a clever ingredient which helps to reduce the appearance of hair regrowth by up to 60%, as in turn decreasing the instances of irritating razor rash, razor burn, and ingrowing hairs ( Learn how to prevent ingrowing hairs here). The act itself will give your skin a good, thorough exfoliation, sloughing away dead skin cells and debris which can eventually lead to blocked pores and those unwanted lumps and bumps. Following the right procedures pre and post-shave will leave your skin soft, smooth and comfortable – and the happier your skin is, the less angry it will look.

3. Be more hygienic

Let’s be honest, facial hair attracts unwanted crumbs and other food debris, and let’s not even go into the perils of having a cold. Shaving will enable you to keep clean and hygienic, without having to worry about any birds nesting in your beard.

4. Gain more respect

A daily shave conveys self respect, and when you respect yourself, others will do the same. Your boss will take you more seriously and your girlfriend will hold you in higher esteem, which can only mean two things: More sex and a higher salary!

5. Feel fresh for Summer.

Facial hair can leave you feeling pretty uncomfortable come the warmer months, and if all else fails, this may well be the push you need to get rid. Beards can become itchy and sweaty in hot weather, and can lead to acne and bad odour. If you’re fine with becoming a woman repeller for the duration of the season, then go right ahead. But trust us, you’ll have a much better time of it if you spend a few minutes on personal grooming in the mornings.


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