Posted by Melanie Kruger on November 11, 2014 Latest News No Comments

Unless you have been asleep for the past couple of months, you will be aware that The Bluebeards Revenge, in association with Men’s Fitness magazine and men’s cancer charity Orchid, are on the hunt for Britain’s Manliest Man.
With the forty finalists now selected and the voting stages now well under way, we thought it only fitting that we take a moment this morning to remind everyone who the Real Men are – the Manliest of Men, those who fought and gave their lives for us and all that we have today, throughout World War One.

The courage and selflessness they demonstrated in doing so remains unrivalled, and here at Bluebeards HQ we will be showing our respect with a two minute silence at 11.11 – marking the day and time the Armistice was signed between the allies of World War One and Germany, signalling – finally – the end of the battle. Sadly, it was too late for many, and you only have to look at The Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red poppy memorial at London’s Tower Bridge to see the sheer number of lives that were given in our honour.

So take a couple of minutes to remember them this morning – our fallen heroes – Britain’s real Manliest Men.