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Defending champions came in streets ahead of competition in latest poll

Scotland is still the manliest nation three years after originally claiming the crown, a new survey has revealed.

Despite being famed for not-so-manly pursuits such as highland dancing and kilt-wearing, the country beat off stiff competition from the likes of Russia, Australia and England to reclaim its crown, coming in a healthy 10% above its closest competitor with 29% of the votes.

The news will come as a boost for Scotland ahead of September’s referendum on independence, leaving potential rivals England red-faced with a measly 9% of the votes.

The survey, conducted by ‘manly’ male grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge, follows the initial poll held back in 2011, when just over a quarter of participants deemed Scotland the manliest place on the planet.

This time around, when asked what characteristics constitute a truly ‘manly’ man, popular answers were courage, determination and discipline, all of which are possessed by Scottish tennis star Andy Murray. Andy no doubt gave his home nation the final push in their latest bid for the crown, with his stunning 2013 Wimbledon win and Olympic gold medal at London 2012.

Other manly Scots who may have given a helping hand are Bond actor Sean Connery, and respected 1800s explorer and missionary David Livingstone.

Melanie Kruger, spokesperson for The Bluebeards Revenge, said: “It comes as no surprise that Scotland has taken the title once again, as they won the first time round with very good reason. And while a kilt might not look like the manliest of attire, make no mistake – it takes a lot of guts to wear one in Scotland’s typically cold and hostile climate!”

Russia, in second place, trailed behind the winners with just under a fifth of the votes, but will be pleased with the results having climbed from fourth in the original poll.

There is also good news for Poland, having crept in and claimed the number ten spot.
Australia, on the other hand, will be less than impressed, having fallen further down the list to third, with the USA faring even worse and disappearing from the top ten completely.

The Bluebeards Revenge, a shaving range that can actually reduce stubble by up to 40% over a 60-day period, surveyed 2,091 people via email between 21– 28 April, 2014.

Survey Results:

Manliest Countries 2014
1.) Scotland 29%
2.) Russia 19%
3.) Australia 12%
4.) England 9%
5.) Finland 7%
6.) Ireland 6%
7.) Canada 5%
8.) New Zealand 4%
9.) Italy 3%
10.) Poland 2%
Other 4%

Manliest Countries 2011
1.) Scotland 26%
2.) Australia 16%
3.) England 15%
4.) Russia 14%
5.) Finland 7%
6.) New Zealand 6%
7.) Ireland 5%
8.) Canada 4%
9.) Italy 3%
10.) USA 2%
Other 2%


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