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It’s easy to cut corners in your grooming routine, especially if it saves on time. But at what cost are you clinging on to those extra five minutes in bed? Here we look at some of the worst grooming sins committed by men, and what you can do to rectify the situation before you frighten off the entire female population – as well as unnecessarily aging and potentially injuring yourself!

1. Inadequate Shaving Preparation
Omitting this vital step in your daily shaving routine will cost you dearly. Ruining your chances of the closest, cleanest shave, be prepared to face your enemies head on, with razor rash and five o’clock shadows galore to contend with. A hot shower and a quick douse of The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil will put paid to such problems, but for a more in-depth look at our pre-shaving tips then click the link – your skin will thank you for it.

2. Not conditioning your hair
Widely perceived to be something you’d find in a woman’s beauty routine only, those of you who skip this important step are missing out. A pea-sized amount of our Concentrated Conditioner spread evenly through your locks for a couple of minutes after shampooing will make all the difference, leaving you with soft and manageable hair that women will want to touch.

3. Blunt razor blades
If number one wasn’t enough to convince you, without ensuring that your razor blade is sharp – and clean – before going in for the kill, you run the risk of looking like you’ve just paid a visit to Sweeney Todd. Go for a cut-throat style like our replaceable blade straight razor, or the iconic double-edge Scimitar razor for a guaranteed close shave.

4. Cutting toenails too short
It might not be manly to let them grow too long, but cutting your toenails down to stumps won’t do you any favours either. To avoid infection and in-grown toenails, cut straight across with a good pair of nail clippers when feet are completely dry.

5. Applying cologne incorrectly
Stop short of dousing yourself from head to toe in your favourite scent, as you can rest assured this will repel more women than it will attract. Instead, apply sparingly to pulse points such as the wrists, neck and behind your ears for a subtle yet alluring masculine appeal.
For more information on how to apply your cologne properly, click the link.

6. Neglecting a post-shave routine.
Just as forgetting to prepare your skin and facial hair correctly for your grooming routine, failure to follow up with a good post-shave routine can leave your skin sore, bumpy and unsightly, which frankly defeats the object of reaching for the razor in the first place. Make applying a Post-Shave Balm and Cooling Moisturiser a priority and you’ll be thanking yourself a thousand times over.

7. Not drinking enough water
Although not strictly a grooming sin, breaking the golden rule of hydration will have a detrimental effect on your skin, hair and nails. It might not sound like the manliest of pursuits, but ensuring you get your eight glasses a day will leave you feeling much more energised and mentally alert, as well as looking all the better for it.

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you do care about all of these things, even if you’d rather not admit it to your mates. Or your girlfriend, for that matter, but then why do you think she started buying you your own manly Bluebeards products in the first place!?