The best men’s stocking fillers for Christmas 2020

Christmas might be a little bit different this year, but one thing that hasn’t changed is man’s burning desire to look and feel awesome on Christmas Day! To help you deliver that winning feeling, we’ve rounded-up the best men’s stocking fillers and Christmas gifts from across our award-winning range of men’s shave, beard, hair and skincare products.

Eco-Warrior Deodorant – £3.99


Not all guys sweat like Lee Evans in a sauna. And for those that only need mild protection, we have our Eco-Warrior Deodorant. Unlike antiperspirants that block sweat ducts, this compact roll-on deodorant features an aluminium-free formula that works with the body to snuff out sweaty odours naturally. With our fresh and masculine Original scent at its heart, it’s the perfect scented stocking filler this Christmas.

Skull Socks – £4.99


For every man that moans about getting socks for Christmas, there are five punching the air in excitement. If you want to impress this December, be brave with the socks you buy. Our striped cotton Skull Socks are the epitome of smart-casual. Fitting sizes 6-11, they’re sure to raise a smile on Christmas morning.

Soap Bars – £4.99 each


Jesus was gifted with gold, frankincense and myrrh. Here’s the thing; we’re pretty confident he’d have opted for our trio of hand and body soap bars if he had the choice! Available in three different scents, these eye-catching bars offer long-lasting fragrance and hydration with minimal impact on the environment. Our Cuban, Classic and Original bars can be purchased individually for just £4.99 each. Alternatively, you can grab all three together in our striking Soap Stack gift set for £13.99.

Skull Patch – £4.99

Give the gift of individuality this Christmas with our sew-on Skull Patch. This embroidered cotton patch features a hand-drawn skull design with intricate flash art illustrations. Its compact size makes it a great small gift that will encourage creativity and customisation on pockets, sleeves and backpacks.

Liquid Wood Beard & Mo Comb – £4.99


If you’ve spent more than ten minutes around a bloke with a beard, you’ll know they can’t keep their hands off the damn thing. Rather than discourage this act of pruning, why not present them with one of our Liquid Wood Beard & Mo Combs? This 100% biodegradable comb is made from fully recycled materials leftover from the paper making process. The result is a durable comb that will keep his facial hair and conscience clean.

Alum Block – £5.99


Once in a while, every man cuts himself while shaving. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it certainly shouldn’t be covered up with blotches of tissue paper! Instead, we’d suggest a traditional Alum Block. These small-but-mighty blocks help to seal off nicks and cuts while removing bad bacteria for a cleaner, smoother shave. In their plastic-free matchbox cartons, they look pretty damn cool too!  

Liquid Wood Styling Comb – £5.99


If the man you’re buying for is prouder of his hair than his kids, then our Liquid Wood Styling Comb is sure to impress. Just like our Beard & Mo Comb, it’s 100% biodegradable and made from fully recycled materials. The only difference is size. And as we all know, size matters…

Stay tuned for more great Christmas gift ideas for men soon!


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