Premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge is excited to announce award-winning barber Vincent Quinn as their latest brand ambassador! Vincent was named as Scotland’s Best Barber 2017 and is the proud Shop Manager of the prestigious Hard Grind Barbershop in Dundee. Below, the influential barber gives his first interview with us as he settles in to his new role.

BBR: How long have you been a barber?

VQ: I’ve been working in the industry for 12 exciting years.

BBR: Why did you become a barber?

VQ: It all started with work experience at school. I was late to pick a placement and was ‘lumped’ with a hair salon. Back then it wasn’t cool in a Northern city to be a hairdresser, especially as a guy! But while there I was inspired by the boss – he was just a normal dude who cut hair without any of this fancy stuff. He trained at Vidal Sassoon and I knew then that I wanted to train there. I applied, got the job, and was lucky that Sassoon had a barbering qualification. Back then getting a barbering qualification was pretty much non-existent.

BBR: What are your favourite styles to cut?

VQ: There are so many, but right now I think my favourite cuts are definitely scissor cuts – especially when the hair’s curly – and also I love a spicy bowl cut!

BBR: Who inspires you in the barber industry?

VQ: I’m inspired by the artist, not the art. For me, the barber’s mentality is more inspiring than their cuts. With this in mind my inspirations come from the likes of Colin Petrie, Neil Toner, Josh O.P, Wez Jones and many more.

BBR: What’s your best piece of advice to barbers?

VQ: Honestly, don’t get caught up in this ‘fame train’ culture. Concentrate on your skills and (most importantly) your clients. At the end of the day these are the elements that will pay your daily wage. When this hype dies down, your clients will be the ones paying your bills.


“Concentrate on your skills and (most importantly) your clients.”

BBR: If you weren’t a barber, what would you be?

VQ: I always wanted to go in to forensics. That was actually a path I was following before I fell in to barbering. I’ve never looked back though.

BBR: What is your favourite product from The Bluebeards Revenge range?

VQ: The brushless Shaving Solution is fantastic, and often overlooked! It does a fantastic job of softening the hair, making it easy to shave. Using it on line ups makes them quick and efficient.


BBR: What does it mean to you to become an ambassador for The Bluebeards Revenge?

VQ: There are brands and then there’s The Bluebeards Revenge! To me, ambassadorship has always been about more than just an Instagram title. It’s about working together to create something fantastic. Never mind the products; the company’s ethos is what attracts me most.

BBR: What’s your best piece of advice for men that want to look after their image?

VQ: Listen to your barber as they know best! If they recommend products to you it’s not to make a quick sale, it’s to give you advice. A good barber dedicates themself to the trade and to making their clients look and feel great at all times.

On Vincent’s new role, The Bluebeards Revenge’s Head of Content Bradley Wicks said:

“Over the years we have worked with Vincent and the Hard Grind family on many occasions. It’s always been a pleasure to collaborate with them and their perspective on the barbering industry is energizing.

“Having Vincent on board as an official ambassador is something we’ve been working towards for a long time. His knowledge of the industry and his ability to captivate an audience makes him a fantastic addition to our ever-growing team of ambassadors.

“At The Bluebeards Revenge, we are only looking to work with barbers that are genuinely proud to use our products and be a part of our ambitions. As a team, we feel Vincent fulfils this brief perfectly.”