The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Stuck on what to get your dad this year? Picky parents can be hard to please, but The Bluebeards Revenge has rounded up the manliest of gifts for you, all of which are sure to put a smile on any father’s face.



1. Perfect Man Kit, £49.99

For Dads in need of a complete grooming overhaul, the Perfect Man Kit is an ideal way to discretely drive home the hint – and the best thing is, he’ll never clock you. Sure to put a smile on every father’s face and get you straight back into the good books..

2. Eau de Toilette Gift Set, £24.99

If he looks just fine but hasn’t updated his fragrance in years, then the Eau de Toilette Gift Set will be just the job. A fresh and masculine scent presented in a vibrant blue bottle, the EDT comes complete with a matching shower gel. This is one kit that will have him smelling like a real man in no time.

3. Starter Kit, £19.99

Re-introduce him to the world of traditional wet shaving with The Bluebeards Revenge Starter Kit. Containing a pot of our iconic luxury Shaving Cream, a Doubloon Shaving Brush and anti-perspirant deodorant, we’ve also thrown in a 20ml sample size of our Post-Shave Balm

4. Deluxe Kit, £34.99

If he’s one step ahead of the game and already a seasoned wet shaver, the Deluxe Kit will fit the gifting bill nicely. A luxury selection of products including a full-size Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream and Post-Shave Balm along with a Doubloon shaving brush to help him on his way to that perfect shave. The kit also contains an anti-perspirant deodorant to finish his morning routine the right way..

5. Privateer Collection Double-Edge Razor Gift Set, £109.99

One for the man who likes a little bit of luxury in his life, the Privateer Collection doubleedge razor gift set comprises the infamous Scimitar safety razor, along with a pot of luxury Shaving Cream and Post-Shave Balm and a Doubloon shaving brush.



1. Big Blue Bar of Soap for Blokes, £4.99

It’s big, it’s blue and it’s blokey. If pennies are tight, then this is a surefire winner

2. Pomade, £9.99

Give him the tools to create high-shine, wet-look styles reminiscent of the 6os with our brand new water-based Pomade. Chances are, he wore them the first time round, so this blast from the past will no doubt be a welcome one.

3. Matt Clay, £9.99

One for dads who like to keep grooming discrete, the Matt Clay provides definition that comes with invisible hold, so he can look good without looking as if he’s tried too hard.

4. Matt Paste, £9.99

A medium-hold, semi-sheen paste which provides volume and texture for rugged looks.

5. Eau de Toilette, £19.99

Can’t afford the gift set option? Worry not, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to put up with his poor choice of aftershave for the foreseeable future. The Eau de Toilette comes in a vibrant blue bottle, laser-etched with the iconic Bluebeards skull.



1. Shaving Cream, £9.99

If you’ve got a father with persistent facial hair, the chances are that he’s fed up with his daily shave. Put some pleasure back into his morning with a single pot of The Bluebeards Revenge’s luxury shaving cream – not only does it whip up into a fine lather to facilitate an easier shave, but it also helps to combat common shaving woes such as razor rash and burn.

2. Shaving Solution, £9.99

Fathers who are forever in a hurry in the mornings will appreciate The Bluebeards Revenge’s brushless Shaving Solution. No need for a brush or bowl, this can be applied straight to the face with fingers for a quick and easy shave.

3. Pre-Shave Oil, £9.99

Preparation is key when it comes to the perfect shave, and an angry, red rash will no doubt make for an angry, red dad. The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil will eradicate shaving woes by enhancing razor glide and softening the hairs beforehand for an easier, smoother experience.

4. Post-Shave Balm, £9.99

Just as preparation is important, following up with the right products is vital. The BVluebeards Revenge’s Post Shave Balm will calm and soothe any irritation, adding essential moisture back into the skin and providing all the nourishment it needs.

5. Cooling Moisturiser, £9.99

For that extra moisture hit, the Cooling Moisturiser can be used all over the face, and is just the job for sensitive-skinned dads. At his age, he should be moisturising morning and night to minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles – and gifting him this should ensure that he gets the hint.



1. Cut-Throat Razor £9.99

One for the serious shaver but also the cut-throat beginner, this razor offers a low-investment way to get into this traditional method with replaceable blades and affordable price-tag.

2. Scimitar Double-Edge Safety Razor, £34.99

A masterpiece of engineering, this stunning, bespoke safety razor comes laser-etched with the Bluebeards skull, and will take his morning shave from drudgery to delight.

3. Mach 3, £24.99

Most dads will have a Mach 3 in their shaving collection, but if it’s not Bluebeards, it needs replacing! Trust us, yours will thank you for manning up his grooming regime.

4. Privateer Collection Mach 3, £39.99

If he likes a life of luxury, then go that one step further and pick him up The Bluebeards Revenge’s Privateer Collection Mach 3. Stylish and contemporary, it’s built from durable high-grade resin, and is lightweight yet comfortably substantial to use.

5. Double-Edge Razor Blades (Pack of 10), £2.99

Last but not least, don’t forget the blades. They may be an altogether less exciting purchase than the main event, but what’s a brand spanking new razor without the necessaries to use it? Our double-edge razor blades slot nicely into the Scimitar, and can also be snapped in half to fit the replaceable blade straight razor.



1. Vanguard Synthetic Shaving Brush, £19.99

With synthetic bristles designed to mimic the properties of badger hair with regards to softness and water retention.

2. Privateer Collection Badger Brush, £34.99

Our quality pure badger brush, but with the Privateer Collection’s signature high-grade resin in the classic Bluebeards blue.

3. Doubloon Bristle Shaving Brush, £6.99

A great budget shaving brush that’s ideal for beginners.

4. Corsair Super Badger Shaving Brush, £44.99

Packed with the finest super badger hair for a luxurious shave.

5. Pure Badger Shaving Brush, £24.99

A top-qualityshaving brush stamped with the distinctive Bluebeards logo.



1. Chrome Shaving Bowl, £19.99

Add an air of luxury to his morning shave with The Bluebeards Revenge’s chrome shaving bowl. Mixing up a lacklustre lather on the back of your hand will no longer suffice, as shaving reverts back to the original and best methods of days gone by. All that’s required is this bowl, a brush and some water to whip The Bluebeards Revenge’s luxury Shaving Cream into the most impressive lather your dad has ever seen. Sold?

2. Travel Washbag, £14.99

Father’s Day coincides nicely with the holiday season, and what better way to store his manly grooming essentials than in The Bluebeards Revenge’s Travel Washbag? Big enough to house all the necessaries and yet small enough to fit nicely into his suitcase – job done.

3. Comb, £3.00

Every man needs a comb in his life, and The Bluebeards Revenge’s offering makes an affordable gift from anyone strapped for cash.

4. Shaving Towel, £9.99

For dads who are already accustomed to the traditional wet shave, the Shaving Towel will take things that one step further. Soaked in hot water and wrapped around the target area pre-shave, this makes for a relaxing addition to the routine as a once-a-week treat.

5. Privateer Collection Chrome Brush and Razor Stand, £25.99

If you’ve already kitted him out with all the Bluebeards gear he could posibly need for previous birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day presents, then chances are, he’ll need somewhere to store them. The Privateer Collection Chrome Brush and Razor Stand will keep his shaving tools in check, and is great for showing them off on the bathroom shelf.


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