The Bluebeards Revenge launches new selection of razors

The Bluebeards Revenge made its reputation by making the smoothest of shaves a reality, but we never stop trying to improve on perfection. One of the most exciting parts of a good shave is the razor itself, and while we already had a pretty smooth selection of shaving instruments for you to choose from, we wanted to go one better. Sometimes, you want to add a bit of luxury to that morning routine, and with this in mind, we present to you not one, not two, but THREE brand new razors, and while some of them might look a bit scary, a little practice is all that it needed to perfect the ultimate shave.

Not only have we created a brand new double-edged razor that is not unlike its popular cousin the Scimitar, but we have also been secretly collaborating with master craftsman Ralf Aust to bring you two brand new open razors – and believe us, they’re not for the feint-hearted!

Our replaceable-blade cut-throat razor has helped many beginners get into the art of traditional wet shaving, and now we’re offering the serious shaver the chance to take things to the next level with the arrival of our Broadsword and Claymore straight razors. These two masterpieces of engineering have taken months of blood, sweat and tears to bring to fruition, with up to 60 careful production steps painstakingly completed to bring you the finished product.

Different from the replaceable-blade cut-throat razor in that they have a fixed blade, these open offerings do require some TLC, and will need to be stropped and honed regularly to keep them in optimum condition – but once you’ve got one in your repertoire, you won’t look back. With the right care and maintenance, a straight razor will last you for life.

Without further ado, meet the three newest additions to The Bluebeards Revenge razor collection…

The Cutlass

The Cutlass
Solid, sturdy and utterly rugged, the Cutlass is the ultimate razor for that perfect morning shave. Slice through stubble like never before with this crisp, classic and precision-engineered piece of genius.

The Broadword

The Broadsword

Bring a whole new level of sharpness to your morning shave with the stunning ‘Broadsword’ Straight Razor from The Bluebeards Revenge.

The product of an exciting collaboration with the expert craftsmen Ralf Aust, the Broadsword is is a bespoke and precision-engineered straight razor designed to equip the serious shaver with the ultimate weapon against tough stubble – making it the very sharpest tool in your box.

Unlike our popular replaceable-blade cut-throat razor, the Broadsword doesn’t require replaceable blades, and will keep you going for years to come with a little bit of TLC along the way. Featuring a 5/8 inch carbon steel hollow ground blade with a round point, it’s time to fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the most impressive shave of your life.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Ralf Aust doesn’t do things by halves when it comes to creating high-quality shaving instruments, and has been perfecting the art for the last 50 years.

Featuring the authentic Ralf Aust embossing on the blade as well as the iconic Bluebeards logo, this is one manly shaving tool that promises a smooth, close shave like never before.

The Claymore

The Claymore
The brand new open razor from The Bluebeards Revenge brings a whole new level of style to your morning shave. The product of a unique collaboration with master craftsman Ralf Aust, the Claymore boasts a stunning moisture-repellent African Blackwood handle which contrasts beautifully with its French-point, polished carbon steel blade. It takes a long and grueling process to create this high-quality open razor, with 60 production steps designed to ensure a supreme level of craftsmanship – but when it comes to bringing you that perfect shave, we like to go the whole nine yards.

One of the few remaining manufacturers of superior-quality, hand-made razors in the Solingen region of Germany, the shank proudly bears the Ralf Aust name, and is also stamped with the iconic The Bluebeards Revenge logo for added manliness.


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