The Bluebeards Revenge launches new animal-free shaving brush

New and improved Doubloon Shaving Brush: we’ve replaced our boar hair shaving brush with an animal-free version.

The demand for more ethically-sourced grooming products has reached an all-time high. In reaction, we’ve upgraded one of our best-selling shaving accessories, making it completely free of animal hair.

Previous versions of our Doubloon Shaving Brush used boar hair to create a traditional wet shaving experience. But in our new and improved edition of the brush, boar hair has been replaced with a synthetic nylon bristle.

On the upgrade, our Managing Director David Hildrew said: “We’re very proud of our new and improved Doubloon brush. The results provide the same high-quality shaving accessory our customers have come to expect, without any concerns of animal cruelty.

“This decision was made as we feel that removing boar hair from our shaving range can only be a positive movement. Especially as we are becoming more and more mindful of the beliefs – both religious and lifestyle – that our customers uphold: they are keen to avoid, or in some cases can’t use, a boar-derived product, and therefore we are doing our best to support them.”

Other than the vegan-friendly bristles, the new brush mirrors its predecessor perfectly – a deliberate decision due to the product’s distinctive design. It features a responsibly-sourced birch wood handle, our skull and crossbones logo and a golden ring around the base of the bristles.

At £9.99 (RRP), our Doubloon Synthetic Shaving Brush boasts great value for money and is a fantastic introduction to traditional wet shaving.


Mr Hildrew concluded, saying: “We’re totally confident that our decision to replace our boar hair shaving brush will only improve the shaving experiences we provide to our customers, while remaining ethical and cruelty-free.

“This is a journey for us; something that we are dedicated to improving as we move into the future.”

The benefits of shaving with our Doubloon Synthetic Shaving Brush


Our new and improved Doubloon Shaving Brush is 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The synthetic bristles are a great compromise to what would otherwise be an animal-derived brush.

It whips up a barber-grade lather

Just like traditional animal hair brushes, this synthetic bristle brush promises to whip up an aerated lather worthy of any barber or discerning gent.

It dries quickly

It dries super fast! We’re talking the difference between wet jeans and wet swim shorts. Faster drying times make this brush perfect for busy barbershops and wash bags alike.

It’s easier to maintain

Animal hair shaving brushes are notorious for shedding hair and deteriorate fast when not properly maintained. Synthetic hair brushes still require some care, but nowhere near as much.


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