The Bluebeards Revenge launches new vegan-friendly beard brush

As the demand for more ethically sourced grooming products reaches an all-time high, we’ve made another of our best-selling barber-grade products animal-free!

When it comes to maintaining top-notch facial hair, men can do no better than the barber-grade performance of our Travel Beard Brush. Populated with stiff bristles, this small but sturdy brush boasts an impressive ability to remove everyday grime for a tangle-free beard. But, until now, this experience has been unavailable to those that follow a vegan/animal-free lifestyle. Thankfully that’s about to change…

“We’re committed to making our award-winning products as accessible as possible,” says Bluebeard-in-Chief David Hildrew. “With this in mind, we’re very proud to announce that our Travel Beard Brush is now available with 100% vegan-friendly bristles.”

The modernized version of our beard-conquering brush has replaced boar hair bristles with a specially synthesised material that’s made from innovative filaments; the new synthetic bristles are created using cellulose during a sophisticated production process. In the interest of sustainability, these modern bristles also make the most of renewable resources and are biodegradable. “Most importantly, our new brush functions just as effectively as the original,” added Hildrew.

Just like the original, this new Synthetic Travel Beard Brush features a beech wood body and a laser-etched version of our distinctive skull and crossbones logo – all of this striking detail in a brush so small it can be slipped neatly into any pocket.



The Bluebeards Revenge Synthetic Travel Beard Brush has an RRP of £17.99

• For more imagery, information, samples, and commentary contact or call +44 1752 898 191.

• The Bluebeards Revenge is a distinctive range of barber-grade shave, beard, hair and body products. The quality and iconic appearance of these products has seen them endorsed by some of the world’s best barbers.


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