The Bluebeards Revenge releases new face scrub

Premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge is proud to announce the release of a luscious new exfoliating face scrub.

This rich, creamy scrub has been carefully formulated to provide men with a relaxing facial treatment that removes dirt and grime from deep inside the skin’s pores. It is perfect for both normal and dry skin, and promises to protect men from the harshness that their skin battles every day.

“The Bluebeards Revenge Face Scrub harnesses an exotic list of ingredients, as well as the brand’s signature barbershop scent, to elevate it from an industry standard product, to a wash bag essential,” says Managing Director of The Bluebeards Revenge David Hildrew. “The face scrub’s exfoliating properties have also seen it championed by barbers as a pre-treatment to the traditional wet shave,” he added.

It all starts with ground olive stones. These stones are finely kibbled to unlock their exfoliating properties and help to remove dead skin cells and leave the face feeling smoother and more luminous.

Next, wheat germ oil helps to gently calm and repair the skin. This favourable oil (rich in Vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus) is known for its anti-ageing properties and its ability to repair damaged skin tissue. It also helps minerals, vitamins and nutrients to reach skin cells, relieving them of the stresses presented by everyday life.

Ginger extract then adds strength to the scrub and provides antiseptic and moisturising effects. Its spicy nature is said to increase the circulation of blood under the skin too, meaning men can expect to receive many comments on their new and improved complexion. Finally, vitamin E protects the skin from environmental pollution by creating a barrier against excessive UV light.

The Bluebeards Revenge Face Scrub is available now and can be purchased here!


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