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Celebrity barber and west shaving expert Sid Sottung has credited The Bluebeards Revenge’s Shaving Cream as being his favourite ever product.

Sid, a world renowned professional in hairdressing and barbering who runs the prestigious Sid Sottung Academy in Nottingham, spoke to Russian magazine RBC on a recent trip to Moscow, where he discussed his best-kept hairdressing and barbering secrets.

When asked to name his favourite barbering product to date, Sid was quick to sing The Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream’s praises, and went on to repeat the claims to a second journalist over at Posta magazine

Brooklyn-born Sid, who is famed for his inspiring tutorial videos on, made a name for himself cutting hair on fifth Avenue, New York, before moving to the UK to start his own hairdressing and barbering school, which opened last year.

Describing the difference between barbershops on either side of the pond, he talked about how in England one could expect to visit a vintage-style barbershop for a “traditional wet shave experience”, with“expensive leather seats, lots of wood in the interior, and faceted glasses of whisky.”

In comparison, he said, the modern American counterpart is “slightly reminiscent of McDonalds”.

Talking about the growing male grooming trend, and the need for a constantly evolving image, he told Posta:

“In The past, men were very conservative, and changing their image was not acceptable. But times are changing, and more men are starting to pay attention to their appearance. They want a change, and it’s a perfectly normal desire for anyone. You always want to try something new and move with the times.”

During his three day visit to Moscow, Sid gave several successful masterclasses, during which he was photographed using The Bluebeards Revenge’s iconic “cut-throat” razor. Also on display was our manly Eau de Toilette, making it clear that Sid is quite the Bluebeards fan.

We’re honoured.