The Lions Barber Collective

The Bluebeards Revenge teams up with the Lions Barber Collective to encourage men to talk

Premium male grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge is proud to announce a new partnership with The Lions Barber Collective charity.

Established in September 2015, The Lions Barber Collective is an international group of top quality barbers that have come together to help raise awareness and prevent male depression and suicide.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK and, in 2014, 74% of all suicide victims in the UK were male. These are just two of the many shocking statistics that highlight just how important the charity’s work is.

One of the biggest problems facing men that suffer with depression is the archaic stereotype that suggests they should just “man up” and get on with it. But the Lions Barber Collective wants to change this:

“We aim to create training that will enable barbers to recognise, talk, listen, and signpost their clients when they are sat in the chair,” says the charity’s founder Tom Chapman.

“As barbers, we have a unique relationship with our clients. The trust and friendship that is established often creates a strong bond, allowing clients to open up and discuss subjects that they wouldn’t usually talk to friends or family about, such as male depression and suicide.”

The messages and aims of The Lions Barber Collective are causes that The Bluebeards Revenge feels very passionate about. The brand’s Managing Director, David Hildrew, said: “As an ex-serviceman, I take male depression very seriously. It’s an illness that many military men suffer with in silence. The Lions Barber Collective charity is the perfect way to break down the barriers that men tend to build themselves.

“Together, we hope to help educate barbers around the world and encourage men to man up and talk.”

In the coming months, The Lions Barber Collective and The Bluebeards Revenge are planning many exciting things. The Bluebeards Revenge will be promoting an awareness campaign across its many platforms, as well as launching a co-branded product with all proceedings going to the charity’s great cause. The partnership is also looking for a male celebrity to help push the charity’s important message to a large audience.


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