Ollie Foster from Number 47 Barbers joins The Bluebeards Revenge as brand ambassador
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2018 was a big year for us, with lots of new ambassadors joining our already-impressive roster. And 2019 will be no different. To kick things off, we’re psyched to announce that Ollie Foster is joining the crew!

Foster only joined the barbering industry four short years ago. Despite this, he has already made a name for himself as an educator, stage performer, and the dedicated owner of two shops collectively known as Number 47 Barbers. Below, we’ve picked his brains on all things barbering and Bluebeards. Welcome aboard, O-train.

BBR: So, how long have you been barbering?

OF: “I’ve been a barber for four years now. But prior to this I was working as a hairdresser for just over a year.”

BBR: And how did you get into the industry?

OF: “I found myself accidently attending the Pro Hair Live trade show in Manchester. As soon as I walked through the doors I was subjected to a side of hair cutting and styling that I’d never seen before. The energy; the showmanship; the education – it all inspired me.”

BBR: You now run your own shop now, right?

OF: “Yeah, I run Number 47 Barbers in Chester. It’s a great base and I have an outstanding team around me there.”

BBR: Who inspires you most within the barber world?

OF: “A lot of people inspire me. But if I had to name just a few, it would be the likes of Charlie Grey, Josh Lamonaca, and Hayden Cassidy. Above all, though, I get my inspiration from the boys and girls that cut alongside me at Number 47 Barbers.”

bluebeards revenge hairstyle with ollie foster

BBR: What are your favourite styles to cut at the moment? What are your regulars asking for most?

OF: “Personally, I love to cut longer length haircuts; combining classic styles and hairdressing techniques with modern barbering twists. I’m a big fan of taper and nape personalisation too.”

BBR: If you could give one piece of advice to barbers, what would it be?

OF: “I always encourage other barbers to be experimental and creative. It’s important to take some time out of your day-to-day cuts to create things that your regular customers don’t usually ask for. Only then do you get to create the images and styles that you really want the world to see you for.”

BBR: And how about your best piece of advice for men at home?

OF: “Always use the right products for your hair type and style. If you’re not sure what product suits you, don’t be afraid to ask your barber for some advice. Keep on top of maintaining your style too with regular visits to the barbershop. And never be late – that’s the worst!”

bluebeards revenge cut throat razor lining up hairstyle in barbershop

BBR: So, what’s your favourite product in our range?

OF: “I love your Cut-Throat Razor. It’s precise and the weight sits perfectly in the handle. Every barber needs a solid razor that takes replaceable blades, and yours ticks all these boxes. Nothing beats the rugged finish of your Sea Salt Spray either.”

BBR: We’re thrilled to have you on board, Ollie. But what does it mean to you to become an ambassador for our brand?

OF: “It’s beyond an honour. I’ve used products from the Bluebeards range since day one of my barbering career. To be an official ambassador for the brand is a dream come true. I’m more than excited to see what this year brings.”

BBR: Finally, if you weren’t a barber, what would you be doing?

OF: “Since becoming a barber my main interest within the industry has been teaching. I’ve worked extensively with the team at the Great British Barber Bash and had some amazing experiences as a result. It’s inspiring to know that I’ve had a hand in helping novices become experts. So, if I wasn’t a barber, I think I’d love to be teaching in another discipline. To summarise: a legend without scissors!”

On Foster’s appointment, our Head of Content and Social Media Bradley Wicks said: “I was first introduced to Ollie through our partnership with Garry Spencer and the Great British Barber Bash. Straight off the bat, it was clear that he was seen as a serious and well-respected addition to the barbering industry.

“We’re thrilled to have Ollie joining our roster. His passion for hair is inspirational and his knowledge is second-to-none. Having watched Ollie present his abilities to a packed out seminar class with the Great British Barber Bash, I knew he would fit right in with the ambassador dynamic we have created – dedicated professionals that care about the industry and their clients more than anything else. Like Ollie, Team Bluebeards is very excited to see what this year will bring.”

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