The Groom’s guide to grooming

There are few occasions in a man’s life when it’s more important to look on top form than on his wedding day.

All of a sudden, stubble becomes an out-and-out sin, and one that could easily result in your bride running screaming from the altar and leaving you to pick up the pieces. In case you hadn’t realised already, everything must be perfect, and if it’s not? Well, you’re in big trouble.

Before the protests begin, consider this: You’re going to have to get used to grinning and bearing it sooner rather than later. Sure, once you’ve whisked her down the aisle, you can whip out the elasticated waistbands and embrace a bit of stomach overhang (you can’t, by the way, if she has anything to do with it) but there is no room for grooming mishaps on the big day. Just think of all those cameras, and you mind find yourself suddenly moving onto our wavelength.

Ordinarily, we’d be firm advocates of perfecting the effortlessly cool, ‘haven’t even tried’ look – barring a good clean shave, of course. But when it comes to wedding days, looking like you have tried is what it’s all about, and if you don’t then there’ll be hell to pay!

It may be easier said than done if you’re still recovering from a less-than-civilised stag do the night before, but instead of resigning yourself to hair of the dog and a pair of sunglasses, thankfully there are ways and means.

Smelling your best is one of the most important things to consider on your wedding day, as no bride will want to kiss you if you have an aroma of sweat, booze, cigarettes or something altogether stinkier about you. Shower thoroughly with The Bluebeards Revenge Big Blue Bar of Soap for Blokes and give your hair a good wash and condition with our manly shampoo and conditioner. When you’re finished, a good deodorant is key to maintaining an alluringly masculine scent throughout the day. Follow up with The Bluebeards Revenge Eau de Toilette to hit a home-run – fresh and manly, it doesn’t get much better than this for a summer wedding.

A good shave is of paramount importance on your big day. The last thing you or your bride want is for her to have a red rash around her mouth in all those (expensive) wedding photos, so if you value your life then just get on with it. The key to the perfect shave is in the preparation, so after your hot shower, layer on some Pre Shave Oil to soften and moisturise the hairs. This also provides extra ‘slip’ when shaving, giving the razor all the glide it needs when combined with a luxurious lather of Shaving Cream.

Using a top quality shaving brush, whip a small dollop up in a shaving bowl until suitably thick, then apply to the target area. Using a brush will lift each individual hair as well as exfoliating the skin, facilitating a smoother and easier shave.

For luxury, choose The Bluebeards Revenge ‘Scimitar’ Double-Edged Safety Razor for the job – not only will this provide the fantastic results you want, but it looks pretty swish too – and it’s all about spoiling yourself on special occasions like this.

Going back to the subject of rashes, a red face will look just as bad on you as it will on her, so aftercare is the all-important step here. Apply a generous layer of our cooling and soothing Post Shave Balm to calm any irritation, and follow up with some Cooling Moisturiser, which can be applied all over the face.

Next, it’s time to get your suit on, apply some matt paste or pomade to your hair and style, and you’re pretty much good to go.

Now, where did you put that hip flask?


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