The idiot’s guide to beard grooming, beard care & maintenance

For the past two years in men’s grooming and fashion the beard has reigned supreme. From celebrities to magazine covers, the beard is seen pretty much everywhere. The current trend is especially towards beard and mustache styles seen from the turn of the century, particularly from the Victorian era. For those looking to grow a beard and keep it in great shape at all times we have put together some top tips for the care and maintenance of beards.

The Bluebeards Revenge Classic and Cuban Beard Oil
The Bluebeards Revenge Classic and Cuban Beard Oil

Exfoliate your face

When first growing out your beard it can become very scratchy and itchy for the first few days. To lessen these effects while your skin gets used to being covered by the hair try these methods of care. First exfoliate your face and hair with a mild face scrub. The exfoliating action softens the outer layer of hair made from keratin allowing moisturisers and water to enter and soften the hair. Apply The Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave balm daily as this will also help to soften the skin and hair.

Use a quality beard wash and conditioner

Once your beard has grown out enough to begin maintaining and styling the first course of action is to use a decent beard wash and conditioner. Beard hair is more coarse and thick than head hair and requires different ingredients to take care of it properly which is why normal shampoo and conditioners will not work nearly as well as a specially formulated product. A good quality comb or brush is essential for keeping those lower locks looking as good or better than the top!

The Bluebeards Revenge Moustache Wax
The Bluebeards Revenge Moustache Wax

Use a quality beard oil

Once all nice and combed, apply a styling or conditioning product as this will help keep things in top form. One of the most popular treatments is a beard oil. The oils from The Bluebeards Revenge will keep your beard well conditioned and provide a nice slight sheen, as well as keep you smelling nice and manly. Not to be forgotten, the mustache is an important part of the beard and applying a good mustache wax will keep your hirsute pursuits in fine form! The best application is to take a small amount from the jar with your fingernail, rub between the fingers to warm, apply to the mustache and beard, then comb and style according to your tastes!

Use a pair of specially designed moustache and beard scissors

Another item to consider for easier beard and mustache maintenance is a good set of clippers or scissors. Keeping those hairs in line and shaped well will make the difference of looking like a very dapper gentleman or Tom Hanks from the movie Castaway. Wash and comb as normal then trim a little at a time from the edges until you achieve the desired shape and profile. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, your barber will willingly oblige a trim and style the next time you are in for a haircut.

We wish you the very best with your hirsute pursuits of beard and mustache growing. As with all things grooming a little care and maintenance added to your routine will keep you looking your best and impressing everyone around you.


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