Posted by Melanie Kruger on July 21, 2014 Grooming Tips, Latest News No Comments

If you’ve recently taken the jump and swapped soap for facial wash, you’re probably feeling quite smug about your skin. But if you think you’ve got damage and premature ageing covered, you’d better think again.

Your day to day habits could be having a detrimental effect on your skin, and you might be surprised to find out what some of them are. Here are nine ways you’re doing more harm than good.

1. Regular swimmers, take heed! Submerging yourself in chlorine-filled waters on a regular basis puts your skin through the wringer, and even after a shower the chemical can still cling, causing irritation and reacting with day-to-day products such as cleansers, lotions and topical medications. Lather up extra thoroughly after your dip to avoid any nasty skin complaints.

2. Rely on your morning coffee to haul you reluctantly out of your stupor?
Take note: coffee only serves to dehydrate you further than you already are on waking, so you’re better off giving it the swerve – particularly if you’re suffering from the dreaded mid-week hangover. Swap it for water or green tea.

Think it isn’t manly enough? We won’t tell if you don’t.

3. Skipping meals isn’t just something your girlfriend does when she’s trying to fit into that bikini. Blokes will often work through lunch and then tuck into a gut-busting meal at dinner. Losing out on vitamins throughout the day will dry out your skin, making lines and wrinkles more visible and even causing premature aging. Add to that the grease and fat from your post-work Big Mac and you’ll have breakouts and oily patches to contend with too. Nice!

4. A hot shower is comforting after a long day, but turn down the heat dial to save your skin. Hot water dehydrates the skin, stripping it of essential oils and even the outermost layer of the epidermis. The result? Dry, scaly and itchy patches which will cause you no end of discomfort, as well as looking unsightly.

5. Got unsightly breakouts or a rash along the jawline? Your mobile phone could be to blame. Too many trips to the boy’s room without washing your hands mean you are bound to spread bacteria, and putting your phone to your face afterwards is a recipe for disaster.

6. Too many wild nights out and not enough time in bed means your skin won’t have the time it needs to replenish and repair. Before you go getting any ideas, we’re talking sleep, nothing else – so bin the beers every now and again and get some shut-eye.

7. Dousing your dinner in salt might make it taste better, but it’s doing you no good, inside or out. Excess salt saps the skin of moisture leaving it looking dry, dehydrated and drawn, so even if you didn’t go to the pub last night, your face is telling a different story. Go for herbs and spices instead to avoid unfounded accusations from your colleagues!

8. Without a woman about the house, it’s not uncommon for a bloke to let the housework slide, but sleeping on filthy pillow cases is never going to be OK. If you do one thing – aside from picking your pants up off the floor – then make sure you wash them at least once a week to avoid the build up of spot-causing dirt and bacteria.

And lastly…

9. Even Real Men get stressed, so take some time out every now and again to do something you enjoy. No, not the usual stuff, but something altogether more relaxing like fishing, cooking or reading.

The best things you can do for your skin? Use a decent moisturiser after washing your face, morning and night, and if you’re shaving then prepare well with a good Pre Shave Oil, following up with a Post Shave Balm.