The ten best celebrity moustaches of all time

With Movember now well under way, we’re hoping that your mo’ has begun to make an appearance. But even if you’re still at the slow-moving stubble stage, it’s time you gave your desired look some thought so that you can start off on the right foot and achieve groomed moustache perfection before the month is up. Take some inspiration from the men who wore their ‘taches the best, as we take a look at the ten best celebrity moustaches of all time.

1. Hulk Hogan

One of the most iconic moustaches of all, Hulk has got manly individuality down to a tee with his thick and ferocious horseshoe offering. A look often associated with the fast and furious biker, he sports a full moustache with vertical extensions down the sides of the mouth to the jawline, resembling an upside-down ‘U’.

Hulk Hogan wears his horseshoe mo’ with pride

2. Charlie Chaplin

Few can forget this silent film star and his comical toothbrush moustache, and though it later fell out of favour due to Adolf Hitler’s unfortunate adoption of the style, it is still largely associated with the original icon. Shaved at the edges to leave three to five centimetres above the centre of the lip, this is not a look we’d necessarily advocate wearing long-term, but if you want something avant-garde that will make you stand out from the ever-expanding crowd of Movember moustaches then this is the way to go – after all, it’s all in the name of a very good cause.

3. Tom Selleck

The Magnum PI star has rarely been seen without his thick, bushy moustache since originally hitting the big screen, and it has since become one of the actor’s many claims to fame, receiving almost as much attention as his roles themselves. To cultivate one for yourself, you’ll need to have thick, coarse facial hair that grows quickly – leave to sprout for the duration of the month without trimming, and part in the middle.

Charlie Chaplin working the toothbrush moustache
Charlie Chaplin working the toothbrush moustache

4. Johnny Depp

We could hardly go without including a pirate-style moustache in the top ten, and Johnny Depp proudly wears a prime example in his Pirates of the Caribbean role as Jack Sparrow. Though over time his manly moustache varies somewhat in length, he perpetually teams with a small soul patch on the chin. Normally, thrusting a razor in his general direction – but it is Movember. And he is a pirate.

5. Poirot

David Suchet played the iconic TV detective for a quarter of a century – more than long enough for his small, up-turned handlebar moustache to become just as famous as he did. All that’s needed for this look is a fairly long, grown-out moustache, and a tin of wax – warm a little between your fingers and run it through the ends of the mo’, twisting and shaping into an upwards curl as you go.

David Suchet as Hercule Poirot
David Suchet as Hercule Poirot

6. George Clooney

George has worn them all, from the horseshoe to the handlebar, and never fails to pull off a look. To make like George, go for a thick, full mo’, shaving the edges at a slant to form a heavy, triangle-shaped moustache.

6. Freddie Mercury

As well-known for his flamboyant facial hair as for his stage persona, Freddie wore a dense moustache that turned down at the edges. This a low-maintenance look that anyone can pull off, but we can’t promise that freddie’s meteoric success will come with it.

8. Errol Flynn

Renowned for his championing of the suave and sophisticated pencil moustache, the Australian-American actor wore his facial arrangement long and thin. This is a look that requires plenty of grooming in order to keep it in check, but is a refined and sophisticated style for the most gentlemanly of men.

9. Brad Pitt

Let’s be honest – this man can do no wrong, in the facial hair department or otherwise. He’s the man that every bloke aspires to be, and he changes his look almost as often as his underpants. We’d recommend his current mo’ and sideburns combo, which he grew for his latest film, By the Sea, and we’ll take his rakish good looks, too.

10. Groucho Marx

Last but not least, we thought it only fair to throw in an option for those of you who are somewhat challenged in the facial hair department. While Movember is certainly the time to relax on this element of your grooming routine, we appreciate that some of you may be blessed only with ‘bum fluff’ rather than a full-on facial fringe, but it doesn’t have to stop you getting involved and raising money for this very important cause. Do a Groucho, and give yourself a thick, greaspaint mo’ – just don’t blame us for the funny looks that come with it.


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