Three men’s hair myths; Did you fall for any of these?

Three Men’s Hair Myths: Did you fall for any of these?

Myths and old wives’ tales abound when it comes to men’s hair and good old google no doubt has plenty to say on the matter. But here are three hair myths we’re happy to dispel.

Plucking a grey makes more greys grow. 

One of our old favourites this – the idea that forcibly removing your early grey hairs will make many more grow back in its place. Happily we know that plucking any single hair will only cause it to grow back exactly as it was before. 

Wearing hats make you go bald! 

For this to be even remotely true, your hat would have to be tight enough to cut off the circulation to the hair follicles, in which case you would probably pass out! 

But that snug new snapback doesn’t come without risks. Hats don’t cause hair loss but wearing one every day can lead to hair breakage and damage due to the continuous pressure placed on the strands. Simply avoid this by making sure you give your head a “hat rest” every once in a while. 

The more you cut your hair the faster it grows.

There’s nothing wrong with a weekly visit to the barber to keep your hair looking fresh but the fear that doing so will cause your hair to grow at a faster rate is a total myth.

Hair is made up of a protein fibre, and although the follicle that produces the fibre is alive, the hair itself cannot be stimulated by anything, including cutting.

Now that we’ve busted a few myths and old wives’ tales why not check out our range of Hair Styling products designed to keep you looking fresh whatever your hairstyle!


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