three ways for men to use sea salt spray by the bluebeards revenge

Three ways men can use Sea Salt Spray in 2020

When it comes to finding the best men’s hairstyling products in 2020, you can’t go wrong with sea salt spray. This super versatile styling product harnesses the natural minerals in sea salt to create a fine mist that binds and strengthens hair strands. The result is bold beachy styles that were previously reserved only for those with surf boards and board shorts!

When used properly, this all-conquering spray provides an easy way to achieve gnarly texture and huge volume without so much as dipping your toe in the ocean. This product is best used in medium-to-long hair and is perfect for creating low-maintenance styles such as messy quiffs and pompadours. It can also be used in longer beards as an easy-to-wash-out alternative to balms and waxes.

To help you create natural men’s hairstyles, we’ve pieced together our top tips on how to use our Sea Salt Spray in three different ways! Have a read and unlock the full potential of this must-have men’s hairstyling product today.

The quick fix

If you’re the kind of guy that wants great hair without all the faff, then a fresh bottle of sea salt spray holds all the answers. This product is great at quickly adding grip and texture to freshly washed hair, giving you a rough and ready style that will dry into a natural tousled shape.

man on beach with sea salt spray hair bluebeards revenge

To create quick and easy styles, start by spritzing our Sea Salt Spray into your freshly washed and towel-dried hair. Using your hands, ruffle your hair to work the sea salt minerals through from root-to-tips. Finish by combing or brushing your hair into shape and leave it to dry naturally.

Create stand-up volume

Volume can be particularly difficult to build into your style, especially if you’re not pre-styling your hair. Our Sea Salt Spray works brilliantly as a foundation product, giving you a solid base to work on with heavier styling products such as waxes and clays. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to use a hair dryer and a styling brush such as our Quiff Roller. This method is how barbers use our Sea Salt Spray – to create stand-up volume that reaches heights they’ve only ever dreamed of!

man with a messy pompadour hairstyle created with sea salt spray by the bluebeards revenge

To maximise volume, spritz our spray into your freshly washed and towel dried hair. Using your hands, activate the sea salt minerals by working the product all the way through from root-to-tips. Next, grab your hair dryer and a brush and begin to blow-dry your hair upwards to create a volumised boost with a medium hold. Now you can either leave your hair as it is, or add even more rugged texture with our Matt Clay.

Refresh unwashed hair

Sometimes, washing and styling your hair can be a palaver, especially if you’re in a rush. That’s why our final tip is focussed on how you can restore order and freshness to your unwashed hair with Sea Salt Spray.

When hair hasn’t been washed for a few days, it can start to look a little greasy. This is because you haven’t washed away the natural build-up of sebum oil that occurs. Just like a dry shampoo, our Sea Salt Spray can help to refresh this greasiness, while providing essential volume and texture.

man with messy quiff hairstyle for men

To refresh your style, apply 1-3 spritzes of our Sea Salt Spray to your unwashed hair. Next, grab a comb with wide-teeth and work the product out towards the tips of your hair, avoiding your roots. This is important because you need to protect your scalp from further build-ups of product. Once you’ve finished styling, leave your hair to dry naturally and enjoy the texture and volume you’ve created! Remember, this is only a temporary solution to masking dirty hair and you’ll need to reset your scalp at the end of the day with a decent shower.

The Bluebeards Revenge Sea Salt Spray

Now that you know how to use it, why not treat yourself to a bottle of our all-conquering Sea Salt Spray today?!

This must-have styling product features a vegan friendly and cruelty free formula with a classic barbershop scent. Thanks to the inclusion of natural sea salt and vitamin B5, it excels at adding touchable texture, volume and hold to all men’s hair types and lengths.

As part of our eco mission to drastically reduce the amount of virgin plastic and single-use packaging we create by 2022, our Sea Salt Spray also comes in a 100% recycled plastic bottle. Our hope is that you’ll recycle, repurpose or even refill it again, meaning there’s no need for it to be binned.

Our best-selling Sea Salt Spray is available on our website today for £14.99 per 300ml!


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