What can hairdressers learn from barbers?

The best barbers understand hairdressing, and the best hairdressers should understand barbering: Premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge has teamed up with award-winning barber Tom Chapman to broaden the horizons of hairdressers.

Get out of your comfort zone

“You should never find yourself sitting in your comfort zone for too long – it’s not healthy for your growth. So, irrelevant of where your strengths are in hairdressing, you should always be looking to learn!

“Many hairdressers work in unisex salons and a huge part of their clientele are men, so there is a responsibility to learn what is not taught in an NVQ qualification. Barbering offers so many tools and techniques that hairdressers don’t use on a day-to-day basis. Take, as an example, how popular beards have become in the last five years. Many hairdressers were not prepared for that but a barber’s ability to work with clippers and beards meant they were ready.

“If you ignore industry tools and knowledge, you limit your clientele. Learn to use a pair of clippers and you can tackle even the most adventurous styles.”

Learn to shave

“Fashions often work in opposites, with younger generations looking to rebel against the previous. With this in mind, as the demand for beards slowly drops away, a trend for clean shaven looks is next. Barbers are the masters of cut-throat razors, and hairdressers should be learning from them – being able to offer wet shave services and the required products to customers can bring in huge amounts of business.”

shave training with the bluebeards revenge

The Bluebeards Revenge now offers its very own shaving course! With The Bluebeards Revenge Shave Day, one of the brand’s industry-leading educators will visit you in your shop and teach you and your staff the art of traditional wet shaving, all for just £600. Upon completion, every participant will receive a certificate and a bundle of The Bluebeards Revenge shaving products, meaning they can take the art of wet shaving to their clients immediately.

Learn more and book your Shave Day course here!

Pay attention to the details

“There’s an element of exposure in barbering that’s lost in most other forms of hairdressing. Unlike women’s hair, men’s is often much shorter and this means it’s harder to hide a mistake. As a result, learning to pay close attention to the details is often the difference between a good barber and a great one, so take your time.”

Make the most of social media

“Social media is a massive tool for barbers and has helped it grow into the connected industry it is today. Whether it’s a stable platform to showcase work, a place to handle enquiries and questions, or even somewhere to network with other like-minded artists to find inspiration, the possibilities that channels such as Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat provide are endless.”

Look after your tools

“Barbers are very good at maintaining their tools, which makes their job easier in the long run. When delivering education, most of the salons I visit rarely (if ever) clean/oil their scissors and clippers properly. This should be done multiple times per day, not once or twice a year!”


Experience other salons

“The barbering community has always been willing to share their shops with one another. Barbers often do ‘guest spots’ in other shops for the odd day, week or sometimes month. Not only is this a great way to experience a new environment, freshen up your career and learn new techniques, but it also creates chances to see and travel the world.”


Attend industry events

“With barbering’s boom came a whole host of specific events including Barber Connect, Barber UK, Master Barber Live and the Great British Barber Bashes. Industry events such as these offer stylists an opportunity to meet and talk with brands and professionals that are otherwise inaccessible. They are a great place to better your understanding of the products and techniques of each trade, and are incredibly welcoming to all.”

Learn to retail effectively

“Barbers are great advocates for the products they use on our clients. As a result, they maximise their profits by encouraging their clients to buy from them directly. It’s simple really: you use the product on your client, you educate them on how to use it at home and you make an extra tenner on top of your service. It’s something many hairdressers forget to maximise.”


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