What do our products smell like?

Original, Classic and Cuban – these are the three fragrances that’ve made our brand a global sensation. Each is unique in its own little way, but all are undeniably Bluebeards.

Before your products even touch your beard, hair or skin, you judge their quality on two main criteria: how they look and how they smell. After that comes price, performance (of course!), ethics, branding, customer service, and a million other variables. But these are the main two.

And of these two, smell is definitely the most noteworthy! Why? Because the right smell can create everlasting memories – the nostalgic kind that are stored deep down and deployed only on special occasions.

Who knows, one of our scents might already be special to you. Maybe it’s what you shaved with on the day you got that promotion; or what you showered with after that gruelling cup final. It could even be the fragrance that filled the air when you said, “I do”…

If you’re completely new to our trio of signature scents, then it’s about time we introduced you to the range! Below, we’ve pieced together three simple scent profiles, that will help to paint as clear a picture as possible in your mind.

Original Scent

Our Original scent was the first fragrance to feature in our range. Naturally, it’s the Bluebeard-in-Chief’s favourite, due to the legacy it’s created and the memories it holds.

This traditional, masculine scent opens with the citrusy notes of Sicilian bergamot and the vibrancy of Ligurian basil. At its heart, you’ll find a bold blend of jasmine, black tea and water mint. Rich base notes include the woody tones of Madagascan vanilla, highlighted by classic sandalwood and patchouli for a smooth finish.

You can find our Original scent in a huge array of products, including our entire shave, body & skincare ranges, as well as our Shampoo and Conditioner.

Classic Scent

As we began to ingrain ourselves with British barber culture, our Classic scent was born. Created as a slightly sweeter alternative to our Original scent, it encapsulates the crisp fragrance of a traditional British barbershop.

This suave fougère fuses together a citrusy burst of bergamot and zesty lime with a clean cut of lavender. At its heart is a wild twist of botanical scents. Its base intensifies with a warm blend of patchouli, amber and musk.

With its barbershop roots, it should come as no great surprise that our Classic scent can be found predominantly across our long-lasting hairstyling range. Its popularity has also seen it blended into a triumphant Beard Oil, Classic Blend Moustache Wax, Classic Ice Soap Bar and Classic Eau De Toilette.

Cuban Scent

Our Cuban scent is unlike anything else in our roster. While its predecessors are based on traditional fragrances, this one sets fire to the rule book and goes about things in its own explosive way.

This deep, woody scent opens with the allure of evergreen firs. Its smouldering heart fills the nostrils with the smoky smell of tropical vetiver grass. At its base, you’ll find a hint of musky sweetness thanks to a stimulating blend of cedarwood, amber and patchouli.

With such a wild and woody blend, less is always more. That’s why our Cuban scent is only available across a careful selection of products: an award-wining Beard Oil, a boisterous Hair Tonic, a rich Gold Soap Bar, and a long-lasting Cuban Eau De Toilette.  

If you want to get a better understanding of what our products smell like, you’ll have to get your hands on them! Check out our full range of long-lasting shave, beard, hair and body products today.


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