Why is my Bluebeards shaving brush shedding hair?

Relax. Shaving brushes can go through phases of shedding hair, especially at the beginning when the brush is settling.

A new brush can typically expect to shed hairs for the first three months of its life as it sheds any loose hairs not removed in the manufacturing process. This can happen regardless of whether the brush is premium or not as they are held together by the same means. The problem arises if it is continuous.

If your Bluebeards brush is shedding hair then here are some things to check out:

  • Check what sort of hairs are shedding. For example, are they full length, short, have glue attached?
  • If the shedding hairs are short hairs then this can be a result of hairs breaking rather than shedding due to the brush being used incorrectly ie. not letting the bristles soak in warm NOT hot water to soften them before use. Soaking a brush in water that is too hot can cause the epoxy resin in the handle to expand causing the handle to crack or the hairs to shed. For this reason it is always best to try to soak the bristles and not the handle.
  • With a shedding brush, it is common practice to give the bristles a vigorous shampooing and rinse followed by a comb through with a fine toothed comb once the bristles are dry. This can help to remove any loose hairs.
  • Over a period of time, a brush may develop dry hair that becomes brittle to the point that it starts to break. Working hair conditioner into the knot and letting it rest a while before washing out may help, much like it would with human hair.

With the above in mind we normally ask you to use a shedding brush for a few more weeks to see if it is continuous. If it is still shedding after a few weeks then get in contact with us to discuss a possible replacement.


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