Why should more barbers be using hair gel?

As barbers look to adopt new and exciting products, The Bluebeards Revenge and award-winning hairstylist Tom Chapman have come together to remind barbers not to underestimate the basics!

Hair gels, they’re only for 12-year-old boys, right? “Wrong,” says Tom Chapman – founder of The Lions Barber Collective charity and international ambassador for The Bluebeards Revenge.

“Hair gels have come such a long way in recent years and now offer so much more than the brightly coloured concoctions of the past,” says Tom. “In fact, I believe that they’re one of the most under used products on the market today.”

A good hair gel can be applied to every type of haircut and promises to improve the styling and lasting effects of a barber’s work. And in an industry that is more competitive than ever before, it’s important to use these types of product to make sure your clients are leaving your chair with the best possible results.

Tom believes that hair gels can help to achieve this: “They act as fantastic cutting agents, enabling hairstylists to create neat sections and partings in both long and short wet hair. They also work perfectly as pre-styling products, meaning you can create hold and shape in the hair with very little product residue. Ultimately, this allows for a sharper finish and a happier customer that will return for the same professional service time after time.”


One of the main pros to a hair gel is its versatility. While they can be used in the modern methods above, they are still more than capable of producing shorter, spikey styles. “Hair gels have always been great in short hair,” says Tom, “but the best ones aren’t too strong. They should be easy to apply and shouldn’t dry the hair out to the point where it becomes flaky like dandruff!”

With more men than ever before adopting the same products as their barbers, it’s even an easy retailing opportunity. “Most men are familiar with hair gels; they’ve just never been taught how to use them properly. With a little education from barber to client, they’ll buy a tub right there and then. They’ll even have better hair as a result!”

To celebrate hair gels and their resurgence among hairstyling professionals, The Bluebeards Revenge has launched a new collaborative hair gel with Tom and The Lions Barber Collective.

The Bluebeards Revenge Hair Gel reflects the evolving landscape of men’s hairstyling and is an essential product for barbers. Its versatility means it acts as a fantastic cutting agent/pre-styling product, while still creating the same traditional strong hold and shape that men expect. Add to that its classic barbershop fragrance and it’s head and shoulders above the supermarket slimes of the past!

Better yet, 50p from every tub sold is donated straight back to The Lions Barber Collective; helping the charity to raise awareness and prevent male suicides all over the world!


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