Why you should be using a shaving brush

Back when you were a know-it-all teenager with a few wispy hairs clinging to your chin, you probably didn’t think to invest in a shaving brush.

Instead, you likely grabbed a cheap disposable razor, slapped some shaving gel on your face and eagerly went to war with your whiskers with little regard for what you were actually doing. The aftermath of this traumatic first shave probably left you with a handful of cuts and a bout of intense razor burn – “shaving’s not as easy as it looks,” you thought.

Of course, the ultimate shaving experience is a little more challenging to find, which is fortunate for us; if it were just as simple as putting a blade to your face, we wouldn’t exist!

So, how can a shaving brush improve your shave?

A shaving brush has three main purposes:

Firstly, it allows you to create a rich, thick and luscious lather from your favourite shaving cream or soap. Many people use their hands to create the lather, but this doesn’t aerate the product as well as a brush and often leaves the final lather looking a little dense.

Secondly, a brush helps to soften and lift facial hair. It makes perfect sense when you think about it: when you visit your barber, they wet and prepare your hair before cutting it, so why wouldn’t you do the same with your face? Softer whiskers that are raised further from the face mean it’s easier for your razor to get right underneath them and slice tough stubble.

Finally, you should always use warm water when shaving, especially with a shaving brush. The heat from the water opens your pores and lubricates the skin prior to shaving. The result is that you’re more likely to avoid that awful razor burn you experienced as a teen.

Any shaving expert will tell you that the key to the perfect shave is always in the preparation.

Great products are the cherry on top, but if you don’t understand the theory, you’ll never excel in the practical.


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