Winter beard trends and grooming tips

Winter is coming, and the cold winds, snow and ice will undoubtedly see more beards sprout from the faces of men. Ahead of the winter beard fad, we’ve picked the brains of award-winning barber Tom Chapman to find out the latest trends and grooming tips.

What are the key trends for beards right now, and which celebs are working them well?

“I think the craze for growing beards as big and bushy as possible to compete with friends has come to an end. Men are starting to groom their facial fuzz a little more, using dedicated products and their imagination to wear them in eccentirc styles. The likes of Johnny Depp have made the pirate/swashbuckling styles more popular for the adventurous man, while actors like Joe Manganiello are supporting smarter, closely trimmed looks.”

How do you know when your beard needs a little TLC?

“Every beard is different, so men should look to build themselves a consistent maintenance routine at home, as well as finding the time to visit their barber at least once every six weeks to keep on top of frizziness. Using top quality products such as beard oils, moustache waxes and beard brushes will keep those whiskers in check too. Above anything else, if you are unsure on how to style your beard, ask your barber for help – beards take as much care and styling as the hair on top of your head.”

What are your top tips for beard maintenance at home?

“Avoid washing a beard too often; once a week is usually enough and it’s important to condition as well. Throughout the week, simply wet a beard and apply a liberal amount of The Bluebeards Revenge Classic Blend Beard Oil. Beard oils are fantastic at softening facial hair, while moisturising and caring for the skin underneath. To get the best results from these oils blow dry the beard in to place with The Bluebeards Revenge Travel Beard Brush. Then, leave to cool before touching up with more oil if needed.”

For those that haven’t experimented with a beard before, what advice would you give?

“If you are confident with a beard, no matter what it’s shape and size, you will rock it – confidence is a huge part of any style! You shouldn’t be scared of experimenting with different shapes either. After all, it can always be shaved off and it will always grow back. Ultimately, a beard is like a man’s natural contouring; it can accent cheek bones, or give the appearance if a square jaw.”

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