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The Bluebeards Revenge Leather Wallet

The Bluebeards Revenge Leather Wallet

Finished with subtle, blue stitching, and a deeply embossed The Bluebeards Revenge logo, this jet black leather wallet is the pinnacle of gentlemanly fashion.


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The Ultimate Leather Wallet for Real Men

OK, picture the scene: you’ve just enjoyed an enthusiastic drive across deserted moorlands in the dead of night. Your brakes are glowing red-hot, your engine is ticking with joy as it cools, your tyres are molten, your palms sweaty, and your body is awash with adrenaline – epic drive! But, a tap on the window ruins the reverie; a very unhappy copper has borne witness to your crimes!

Winding down your window you know you’re in the cart. “Evening sir,” says the officer, “I think you have been kicking the arse out of the speed limit haven’t you? Does sir perchance have his driving license on him?”

Glumly, you plunge your hand into your back pocket and pull out your Bluebeards Revenge wallet to fish out your soon-to-be banished driving license.

The unhappy PC seems to soften just a tad. He eyes your license and fixes you with an icy, seemingly doom-laden, stare: “I see sir is a fully-fledged member of The Bluebeards Revenge,” he says as he casts a conspiratorial glance in the direction of your jet black leather wallet, complete with ever-so-subtle blue stitching and a deeply embossed Bluebeards Revenge logo.

He hands you back your license. “Perhaps sir should hurry along then – but keep it within the limits please,” he warns, tapping the side of his nose just to let you know that being in the right gang always pays in the end.

Result. You pop the beast into gear and nail it down the road leaving 100 metres of tyre smoke and a perfect set of 11s behind you.

Other than the wallet description (which is absolutely spot on!) the above is total rubbish; if you drive like a loon on a public road, then you can bet on your left nut that you’ll get nicked. And, unfortunately, no amount of The Bluebeards Revenge gear is going to save you from your just punishment. But, if you like to splash your cash, or tap, pay, and play with your card, then there is no finer place to store your wonga than in a Bluebeards Revenge wallet!

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Full grain leather

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