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Shaving & Grooming Tips

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Browse our selection of top grooming tips, how-to guides and related news articles below, or to ask a more specific question, simply drop Nick an email at nick@bluebeards-revenge.co.uk, where our Bluebeards shaving and grooming expert will endeavour to find you the simple solution you’ve been searching for.
Top tips for maintaining your Bluebeards shaving brush
Shaving Tips
Here we provide some tips for giving your Bluebeards Revenge shaving brush the best care so you can use it for years to come. It’s...
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Top tips for creating the perfect shaving cream lather
Shaving Tips
One of the most popular wet shaving items is shaving cream. Long a standard of lather making material it is good for the face creating...
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How wet shaving with the Bluebeards Revenge can help to reduce acne
Shaving Tips
Acne is a common part of growing up, affecting around 96 percent of teenagers, while for many men this skin condition also continues into adulthood....
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Why use a Bluebeards replaceable blade razor instead of an open razor?
Shaving Tips
The Bluebeards Revenge replaceable blade razor is a razor that is similar to a straight or cutthroat razor, with the main difference relating to the...
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Shaving still top men’s grooming concern
Shaving in the news, Shaving Tips
Nearly half of men (45%) said their biggest grooming concern is knowing how to shave properly, closely followed by knowing how to style their hair,...
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Top shaving & grooming tips for ‘Real Men’
Shaving Tips
The ideal shave can be boiled down to three simple steps: Prepare. Shave. Protect. To Prepare: take a shower, then wash with a mild face...
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