The Bluebeards Revenge Double-Edge Razor Blades

The Bluebeards Revenge Double-Edge Razor Blades

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Product description

The Ultimate Double-Edge Razor Blades for Real Men

Designed for use with the Scimitar double-edge razor, Cutlass double-edge razor, replaceable blade straight razor and other similar instruments. Please take care when handling, as these blades are very sharp and poised to bite the unwary!

Available in a pack of 10, a carton of 30 blades (3 packs of 10) or a carton of 100 blades (10 packs of 10).

These blades are guaranteed to be free of all nuts. They are suitable for those of you who are lactose intolerant or on gluten free diets. However, please do not attempt to eat these blades, as the process will only end in tears. This product was not tested on animals and is totally cruelty free.

Do not use these blades whilst under the influence of alcohol. It won’t end well, we promise!

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