Stocking a new brand is a big decision to make, so we totally understand if you need a little reassurance. If our award-winning products, eye-catching imagery and iconic tone are yet to convince you (tough crowd!), then keep reading.

We’re always speaking to our customers, and they’re always speaking to us. Below, we’ve collected a selection of testimonials from real life businesses that confidently stock, support and succeed with the help of our brand… 

Sirology | Physical Retail Store | UK

“Working in partnership with The Bluebeards Revenge has been great for our business over the past few years. With the free merchandise they offer you can promote the products alongside your business. The team have always been great and friendly to us when we have met in person and over the phone too.

Being in the north of Scotland, deliveries from other brands can sometimes be a problem for us. After just a few orders, The Bluebeards Revenge Team had it down to a fine art for us to get the goodies for our customers quickly.

Since we opened, we have stocked pretty much the whole range as it offers a complete head to toe range for all guys (and gals we have found too). Whether it’s beard care, shaving or just general daily grooming and maintenance, there is a product to suit – and if there isn’t, it is in the pipeline as a number of great products have come out since we first started selling!

The branding and packaging are great and distinctive for our customers and those buying for them, but also the imagery and information they make available are great for social media posts to boost your sales.”

Unker | Physical Retail Store, Online Retailer & Distributor | Singapore

“The Bluebeards Revenge ethos: badass, no-nonsense quality! This is reflected not only in their range of products but also in their customer service. 

We have been working with Grace for years: her service has always been reliable and quick to resolve any issues. The turnaround time by the warehouse is the same and it seems like the company has got an efficient workflow nailed down! 

The Bluebeards Revenge has been awesome since the beginning – a company that we will always look up to and learn from.”

Barber Supply | Distributor | Poland

“We’ve been working with The Bluebeards Revenge for quite some time, and we’re happy to say that collaboration with these guys is a pure pleasure. It’s not only about great products, but also very good customer service. Communication is the key for us, especially when we’re talking about international deliveries. Believe us, it’s not easy to send a big parcel without damaging fragile products! In case of The Bluebeards Revenge, we could always count on safe and quick shipment.

These guys know what they’re doing, they know their products, and how to create a positive ordering experience. We can easily call them leaders in the market, and great people to be working with.”

HairCair Distributors | Distributor | South Africa

“Distributing The Bluebeards Revenge has elevated our status and market share in the South African barber community. The innovative products and sharp branding can’t be challenged.”

Liam Hamilton, Owner of Hamilton’s Barbershop | UK

“The Bluebeards Revenge has made a massive difference to my business. We now do so much more retail than we did with other or own brands. The quality of the products are never in question and they do exactly as described. We can order anything from Moustache Wax to professional-quality Shampoo, and everything in between.

My calls are always answered with a friendly voice on the other end, waiting to take my order with ease. Delivery time is normally next day and I’m still excited to open the package to reveal the products, which I think are the strongest and most range-covering in the industry. They are always working with barbers and clients to improve products where possible and bring in new ones too.

My dealings with The Bluebeards Revenge started some years ago, when I first used their Shaving Cream – I haven’t used any other since and can safely say it’s the best! It is a company but feels more like I have friends at the Bluebeards: they have a great sense of humour (when appropriate) and a real strong work ethic, which others could learn from.

I look forward to dealing with them much more in the future as they develop new and exciting products and services. At Hamilton’s Barbershop we are very proud to stock all of The Bluebeards Revenge range for our barbers and clients to use.”

Colin Petrie, Owner of Hard Grind Barbershop | UK

“We’ve been working with The Bluebeards Revenge since 2014 and have such a huge love and respect for the brand and everyone involved there. Business has always been about people and relationships for me and we are so fortunate to work with such a passionate, driven and ethical team.

We share a very similar ethos and outlook on the industry and have always been so proud to work with such a great company. From the amazing quality of the products and huge offering to the hands on, professional and personal touch on all orders, I honestly can’t speak highly enough about the company and our relationship together.”

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