I’m a potential new customer

Q: I would like to test some samples before stocking the brand; how can I order these?

A: To request a sample pack from the trade team please contact them on the details provided below, or fill out an enquiry form here.

Q: I want to ask a question before I place an order; how do I do this?

A: There are several ways to speak to our trade team; you can enquire here or contact the team directly on the details placed below. If your question is product related you can also contact us through our social media channels; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Q: I would like to place orders online but I am located outside of the UK; can I do this?

A: Unfortunately online accounts are only currently available in the UK. To speak to our trade team who can help you set up a direct account please enquire here.

Q: I am a college and require credit terms; can I get this with online orders?

A: Credit accounts are not available online, to request this please apply here.

I’m considering setting up an online account

Q: Why should I set up an online account?

A: An online account provides you with access to a quick and easy one-page order and payment form 24/7 and is not restricted to the trade team’s working hours. It also enables you to see the most up-to-date stock availability.

Q: I am looking to place my first order but am not sure what to order, how can I get some help with this?

A: Our trade team are available to help you decide on what products will suit your business best. For bespoke advice contact them directly using the details below.

Q: I already have a trade account with you directly, how do I get access to an online account?

A: You can either register online here (insert link to online account registration) or contact your account manager and they can do this for you.

Q: I am already a trade customer with you, what is the difference between my online account and placing an order through my direct account manager?

A: An online account is accessible 24/7 meaning you can place and pay for your orders at any time, night or day, rather than waiting to speak to your account manager. You can also browse and shop on a one page order form or through our website.

Your account manager will be able to assist you with any specific questions, product queries or if you have any issues. You can also pay via bank transfer when speaking with your account manager directly.

Q: Do I get different promotions when I place orders online compared to placing it with my direct account manager?

A: Our promotions may vary when placing orders online or direct however most offers will be available across both platforms. For further information please contact the trade team.

Q: If I set up an online account, do I still have access to an account manager?

A: Yes, our trade team will assign an account manager to you who will deal with your online registration process. If you then choose to place orders directly with them rather than online contact them and they will arrange this for you.

Point of sale material

Q: I would like to order a catalogue and posters but can’t find them online. How do I order these?

A: To request these free of charge items please contact the trade team directly on the details below.

Q: I would like to order a window sticker for my store; how do I order this?

A: A selection of our point of sale material including a retailer window sticker and counter top unit are available to order on the one-page order form or can be bought directly through your account manager.

Contact details
Email: trade@bluebeards-revenge.co.uk
Phone: +441752898193 (Available Monday-Friday 9am – 4.30pm)